In this Goulet Q&A Episode, Brian talks about flex nib design, if demonstrators are a fad, and influencers he follows!

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1) Joseph D.- Facebook (11:22)
I was browsing your store and couldn’t help but realise you have conklin flex nibs with cutouts similar to the pilot fa nib.
How does this nib design compare in terms of flexibility when compared to popular steel flex nibs like noodlers (in terms of ease of flex and line variation) Thanks!

  • yes, the Duraflex is a new pen coming out, with a new steel nib
  • will be limited edition (1898 pieces), the nib will almost surely be on other pens in the future though
  • 4 ways I know to achieve flex:
    • use a more flexible metal (gold, titanium, palladium)
    • thin the nib (underneath)
    • cut out parts of the side
    • cut a longer slit
  • Duraflex uses cut outs to weaken the steel
  • Noodler’s uses a long slit
  • Duraflex to me feels a little easier, but also it can be sprung easier (it’s dang near impossible to “spring” a Noodler’s flex nib)
  • line variation is really good, may railroad, have to go slower when fully flexing, I recommend only going about 70% of its max

2) lhlvieira61- Instagram (20:45)
I tend to fiddle with things and not in a tinkering good way. This means that sometimes I get to fiddling with a piston pen in a meeting and then, well, I’ve made a mess. I know the answer to that, one though, “just stop it, already!” However, I have fiddled one o-ring off of the end of my Twsbi Classic. In one month I wore the wee thing out. Which of your o-rings could I use to replace it? The preppy seems likely. If not, where can one find replacements. I’ll probably need a bulk supply. We won’t even talk about what I did to the cushy grip on my Sensa Meridian which I loved. RIP. Thanks!

  • haha, I do this a lot too!
  • I did this at a lunch at my networking event in CA! Dumped ink everywhere messing with my TWSBI Eco piston!
  • TWSBI may be able to help you with the o-ring, for the exact size
  • Preppy o-ring will mostly do the job
  • there are websites out there entirely devoted to o-rings, you probably don’t need enough to buy in bulk (you’re talking hundreds if not thousands of them)
  • plumbing suppliers would be a great source

3) @cr4ckthsky- Twitter (25:26)
Do you think the demonstrator popularity is just a fad, or do you think that it will be around for the foreseeable future?

  • people have been pretty into them since GouletPens started carrying pens in 2010
  • I don’t know that I’d call it so much of a fad, as it’s more of an evolution
  • “true” demonstrator pens were originally sales tools, for pen salesman to “call on” retail stores and show them how new pen models actually functioned
  • they weren’t really anything available to end users
  • I don’t know exactly when they started to become popular among users, as long as I’ve been in the business for sure
  • In my first-ever order of pens, I bought a Lamy Vista and Kaweco Classic in clear for exactly this reason
  • it’s pretty consistently been one of if not the most popular “color” of just about every pen offered in it year-after-year
  • people like to see their ink, and I don’t know that I see that going away, not with the Goulet Nation
  • I definitely see it being around for the foreseeable future
  • demonstrator doesn’t refer to “anatomy” of a pen display anymore, but really anything where you can see inside it
  • not just clear, but colored, too


4) mattdayphoto- Instagram (32:06)
Might be a strange question, but as a photographer, I’m constantly finding inspiration for my photography and general vision. As a fountain pen enthusiast, I’m curious if you have any influences on things like handwriting or even pen and ink selection. Whether it be other people, design, etc.

5) reed.thoughts- Instagram (39:08)
Fun open question: if you could learn something instantaneously, sort of like the matrix, what would it be? It could be knowledge, skills, etc.

  • I love hypotheticals like this!
  • There are a lot of interests I have that would be cool to just “know”, like wood working, calligraphy, cooking, nib tuning, photography
  • What I spend a disproportionate amount of my time and energy on is leadership and parenting (which is really just leadership within the family)
  • I am on a lifelong journey to attain wisdom in the way of leading others, and if I could save myself from having to learn it through the school of hard knocks, then I could do more of what I feel I’m really meant to do
  • maybe not the flashiest or most exciting of answers, but it’s my truth

QOTW: Who are some of the other influencers you find inspiring on YouTube, Instagram, or otherwise? (44:02)

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