Conklin Classic

Late in 2016, we worked with Conklin to design an exclusive pen called the Nighthawk, which was a stealthy matte carbon fiber pen with a German-made Goulet nib. We had the opportunity to use a new material in a special-edition run, and we went with ebonite! Introducing the Conklin Classic…

Featuring the always desirable ebonite material, the Classic is sure to strike a chord with vintage enthusiasts and modern fountain pen fans alike! Ebonite is a hard and durable, non-flexible rubber that was used before celluloid and resin became popular in pen manufacturing. Ebonite is warm to the touch and slightly porous making the pen a pleasure to write and hold.

Conklin Classic Ebonite

The Conklin Classic is available in three different designs: Harvest, Rainfall, and Firelines. These names harken back to Conklin’s American heritage in Toledo, Ohio. Each version features a swirled design of ebonite and a silver clip that’s easy to operate and securely clips. They are also equipped with a silver Goulet #6 nib (made by JoWo in Germany) to match the trim and available in a variety of nib sizes (EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm, and 1.5mm Stub).  These nibs write smoothly with a hint of feedback. The Classic also comes with a standard international converter, while accepting both long & short cartridges.

These pens are special edition and won’t be around forever, so be sure to check them out! Each of the 3 colors is available for $139 and you can find all the details & technical specs on!

Conklin Classic

What do you think? Which design is your favorite?

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