We’re doing things a little differently this week for Thursday Things. Our giveaway last week inspired us to take a stroll down memory lane and revisit all of the past Thursday Things themes we’ve created. So for this week’s collection, we thought we’d reshare some of our favorite themes with you and invite you to check out the Thursday Things library of themes for yourself to see what old favorites you might discover.

First, we have Sarah’s Pick. As the mastermind behind this great weekly feature, it had to have been hard for her to pick a favorite. When asked why she picked this one, she said “I like this one because I love sleek, stealthy pens (even though I rarely buy them), and had a lot of fun styling this one. I think the undercover feeling goes along with being a photographer and doing a lot behind the scenes.”

Colin, our community coordinator on YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest, is enamored with this red assortment. He said “Thursday Things: Lucky Red is my favorite. The dark, rich red with the black/gold contrast plays really well together. Classy looking.”

Our Media Team manager, Margaret, went for the gold. She loves Thursday Things: Midas Touch because she adores “the way that the gold color can be used as an accessory in jewelry, shoes, and pens! It feels festive.”

I think we can all agree with Jen’s reasoning for picking Thursday Things: Greenhouse as her favorite. She explains “I have an obsession with green, so I love seeing the different shades of green in these products. I’ve also got a ton of plants at home that are starting to sprout! Now if only it would stop snowing so I could put them outside…” Be sure to share your mutual love of plants with Jen on our Instagram account.

Lydia, our Facebook and blog Community Coordinator, had a tough time picking her favorite theme. She said “I love all of the pastel colored themes that just scream spring and summer, like Thursday Things: Seaside Springtime and Thursday Things: Sea Glass, but Sherlock Holmes will always have my heart. I waited months for this ink to come back into stock and this theme is so visually pleasing to me. I feel like I should settle into a wingbacked chair by a roaring fire in a wood paneled library and dive into another Sherlock Holmes mystery.”

What themes have you fallen in love with the moment you saw them? Take a look back at themes we’ve done and see if you stumble upon a new favorite!

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team