Goulet Pens hosts the Monday Matchup Giveaway almost every Monday afternoon to give our amazing fans and customers a chance to bring home a great fountain pen and coordinating ink. We get just as excited about this opportunity as all of you do. This giveaway gives our team the option to use pens and inks we may not have considered before. We recently got to wondering what happens to these prizes after they go to their new homes. Check out these responses from a few of our winners to see how winning Monday Matchup has brought about some exciting new opportunities.

Amy R.- LAMY AL-Star Pacific and LAMY Pacific ink, Stipula Fading Grey and Kaweco Perkeo Old Chambray

Amy was the lucky winner of Monday Matchup #157 and #159. She brought home two great pen and ink pairs and chose to share her fortune with her brother. When we asked how she was enjoying her pens and inks, she told us “the Kaweco is an interesting writing pen—it’s very light so it doesn’t fatigue the hand, and the nib is almost springy. The ink that was matched with it, Stipula Fading Gray, would be better suited in a pen with a broader nib, in my opinion—but it’s not bad in the Perkeo. I find I like this pen for my workplace; I don’t have to worry about losing it and I like the ergonomic shape of the body. I loved the LAMY Al-Star, as usual—and it came in a medium nib (my favorite!) It writes extremely smoothly and performs exactly as expected. The matching ink is a beautiful and brilliant shade of blue and reminds me of a tropical beach. In the time since I won this pen, I have gifted it to my brother, who loves it and has been using it as an everyday workhorse. It really made him fall in love with LAMY as a company.”

Lauren E.- Conklin All American Brownstone, Monteverde Mercury Noir

We reached out to Lauren for her story of winning Monday Matchup #164 and she responded, “I love Goulet Pens and it was so incredibly fun to win a Monday Matchup Giveaway! I won the Conklin All American Brownstone Stub nib with Diamine Mercury Noir.” She also shared this sweet story with us, explaining “When I inked it up, my parents were having dinner at my house (I have totally converted my parents to fountain pen lovers, btw!). My father is a leftie and he fell in love with the Brownstone. He says that he loves the way his writing looks with a stub nib.”

Paul- Pelikan M205 Blue Marbled and Diamine Regency Blue

Paul, who writes the blog The Poor Penman and won Monday Matchup #140, shared with us “As an avid pen enthusiast, I don’t really have any “Grail Pens,” but I do have a fountain pen bucket list. I was excited to cross an item off that list with the M205, and it has been a beautiful addition to my rotation ever since. Whether I’m doing a little creative writing or recording some reflections of the day, the M205 is up to the task. After admiring the Pelikan line from afar, I can tell you that I’ll never forget my first and it will not be my last!”

Sarah D.- Monteverde Regatta Sport Blue and Organics Studio Nitrogen

Sarah shared the following with us, “I won Monday Matchup #172: Monteverde Regatta Sport Blue and Organics Studio Nitrogen. The amazing sheening ink was already on my wish list; however, the Regatta is not something I would have ever considered buying so I was super excited to try it out. I used my winning pen and ink combo to draw the next week’s Monday Matchup entry. The sheen is gorgeous and shows up even on the cheapest paper. The Regatta is surprisingly well crafted, with fine decorative details that look even more impressive in person. The magnetic cap is awesome, it writes super smooth, and though it’s got a bit of heft to it, it fits comfortably in my hand. This pen and ink combo has been particularly fun to use at the pharmacy where I work. Taking down doctor’s orders has gone from mundane to exciting. Whether I’m doodling or going at the grind, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the matchup prize. Thanks, everyone at Goulet!!”

Laura- Edison Nouveau Premiere Seaglass and Monteverde Moonstone

We gave away one of our seasonal edition Edison pens in Monday Matchup #138 and Laura was the lucky winner. She told us “When I saw this Edison Nouveau Premiere Seaglass on the blog last year, I fell head over heels in love with it. I couldn’t -and still can’t- dream up a pen that would capture my personal aesthetic more than this one. I received it in my birthday month and it was hands down my best birthday gift! Though I have plans of filling it with some J. Herbin “Rouille D’Ancre” next (or possibly a vibrant pink), it is currently actually inked up with the beautiful Monteverde Moonstone ink from the Monday Matchup giveaway. I always like to match the colors of my pen and ink to the journal I’m using, and the Edison will become my go-to pen when I start my next notebook. In the meantime, I enjoy writing letters and cards with it, and sneaking in the occasional journal entry whenever I feel like taking this beauty for a spin.”

Skylar M.- Platinum #3776 Century Chartres Blue with Diamine Tudor Blue

Skylar brought home a popular grail pen in this first win of 2018. She shares “I was fortunate to be chosen as one of the Monday Matchup (#165) Giveaway winner. As soon as I received my Platinum #3776 Century and Diamine Tudor Blue, I was excited to put them to use. The Chartres Blue is so beautiful in person, and the UEF nib on it is suuuper fine! This pen has been a great workhorse for my lectures because I can use it for any situations on any type of paper. The Tudor Blue ink is also just as great. It’s a nice dark blue with some slight sheen. However, as much as I loved it, the bottle of ink is sadly no longer with me anymore. I gave it to a friend of mine to encourage her into the fountain pen world (and now she’s a proud fountain pen user!) I’m incredibly grateful to be given an opportunity to try out a new pen and ink, and to help a friend in their fountain pen journey in the process. Big thanks to Goulet Pens!”

We are so thrilled to be able to offer this giveaway every week to our amazing audience. Thank you to all of the past winners for their responses and letting us feature them on the blog. If you would like to learn more, be sure to stay tuned to our blog and social media channels each Monday at Noon ET for your chance to enter and win. To see past Monday Matchup Giveaways, check out the Monday Matchup library.

What pen and ink would you like to win in a Monday Matchup Giveaway?

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The Goulet Pen Company Team