March, 2020 – The Tequila Sunrise is discontinued, to learn more visit our post detailing the Edison Nouveau Premiere Special Edition History.

What goes better with a hot summer day than something cool and calming to beat the heat? Goulet Pens is excited to announce our latest exclusive seasonal collaboration with the Edison Pen Co., the Edison Nouveau Premiere Tequila Sunrise. This striking orange pen is the 20th edition of this wonderful fountain pen partnership. If you’re looking for a new concoction to quench your thirst for fun and smooth writing, the Tequila Sunrise Premiere is the perfect ingredient.

Take one part gorgeous gradient resin that ranges from orange to red, two parts panache and style, and a splash of handcrafted uniqueness, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous pen. Each Nouveau Premiere is handcrafted by the skillful members of the Edison Pen Co. team in Milan, OH. The unique flecked appearance and variations in color means each Tequila Sunrise pen will be different from the next and no two will be exactly the same. Check out Brian’s interview with Brian Gray of Edison Pen Co. here to learn more about their wonderful shop and company. The Tequila Sunrise pens are crafted from resin, making them ideal for an eyedropper conversion. Here is a helpful video to take you step by step through the eyedropper conversion process. The Nouveau Premiere can hold a 4.15ml of ink when eyedropper converted. The included Standard International converter also offers a 1.21ml capacity if you’re not ready to dive into eyedropper pens. This pen also accepts standard international cartridges.

The Edison Nouveau Premiere uses a #6 nib and you can pick it up with an Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, or 1.1mm Stub nib size. The smooth writing Edison steel replacement nibs are also available in EF, F, M, B, 1.1mm, and 1.5mm Stub sizes for $25. You can also upgrade to an 18kt gold nib for an additional $150. Not sure how to go about swapping nibs? Check out Brian’s video!

Edison fountain pen nib writing sample

Every pen needs the perfect ink! Here are our suggestions for a good coordinating ink color!


You can find the Edison Nouveau Premiere Tequila Sunrise at for $169, only available for a limited time. Check out the product page for additional product specs and information.

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