Our talented product photographer, Whitney, has an eye for all things artistic. In this series of arrangements, she re-imagined a few famous works of art into precisely placed fountain pen assortments. This series, titled #ArtHistoryDesk was originally featured on our Instagram and we thought you all would love to see it in a quiz form. So without further ado, check out our latest quiz and see how many works you can guess!

Pottery of various shapes and sizes, painted with ritualistic scenes with orange and black figures, were a common archaeological find of this country’s ancient civilization. Any guesses as to where one might find an amphora sporting this style of decoration?

This Italian Renaissance painting, Nascita di Venere, represents a particular event in classical mythology. Though it incorporates many classical techniques, many of the proportions and elements of the painting depicted are purely imaginary. Who was the artist behind this masterpiece, and what do we call it in English?

These beautiful objects first took the form of an Imperial Russian gift in 1885. The gift was so well received that one was commissioned annually, with full artistic liberty given to the makers. One of the largest public collections of these ornate wonders can actually be found right here in Richmond Virginia! Can anyone guess the famous name associated with them?

The tragic singing subject of this famous painting by Millais has been the inspiration for many other works of art since. Her first appearance is in a play by William Shakespeare.

This famous De Stijl painter loved primary colors! Can you guess the artist who painted the well-known “Composition?”

This artist was known for his wild colored silk-screen prints which celebrated pop culture and consumerism. Take a trip to The Factory for a guess at this staple Pop Art figure!

This incredibly famous post-impressionist painting is was made by one Dutch artist after he’d checked himself into a monastery-turned-asylum 129 years ago. What is the name of this celestial-themed work, and who was its creator?

This arrangement has been inspired by a famous surrealist painting whose creator had Einstein’s theory of relativity on the brain when it was painted in 1931. What is the name of this Spanish artist and his most recognized work?

How did you do? Let us know in the comments below!

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team