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Hi fountain pen friends, Lydia here! Welcome back to Monday Matchup! We took the month of July off from the contest to host our #GouletOnHoliday giveaway, which was so much fun! If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our blog to see some of the great entries showcasing pens out and about all around the globe. A big thank you to all who participated. Now we are back to our usual weekly magic of pairing pens and inks to create something beautiful. This week, I was given the chance to test out one of the new Kyoto inks we got in, Soft Snow of Ohara, coupled with a Conklin Duragraph Purple Nights with an Omniflex nib. To hear about my experiences, read on!

When we first put the Kyoto inks on our site, I was intrigued by this color. I love purple and I also thought it would be funny to do a Gone with the Wind themed piece with it, even though I know the Ohara does not mean Scarlett O’Hara. But I took this idea and ran with it when creating this piece. I could feel it even before I opened the ink bottle that Kyo-Iro Soft Snow of Ohara was going to look gorgeous as an ink wash. I took a Caran d’Ache waterbrush pen and created a gradient ink wash on the top half on a sheet of Rhodia blank paper. I created hill-like shapes on the bottom half of the page on which I planned to perch the house. I gave that ample time to dry before I took to the pen for writing and drawing.

I took the pen and drew in the house and the people in the scene. I had initially hoped to write the quote on the same sheet as the drawing but realized it was going to be too long and cumbersome. I used the brush pen to blend over the quote and darken the ink wash. This ended up over-saturating the paper and causing it to become a little crumbly. I also strugled quite a bit to get the Omniflex nib to write because this very dry ink was not a good match with the wetness needed to make the Omniflex write. The more I tried to get the pen to write, the more I tore the paper, so I gave up and wrote the quote separately on a clean sheet of paper. I am not as satisfied with this piece as I have been with past drawings I have done, but I still think it looks pretty with the ink wash.

If I were to do this piece again, I would definitely pick a different paper to complete the piece on. The Rhodia could not hold up to the ink wash and all of the drawing and writing with a flex nib that I needed to do on top. I also probably would have written the quote first so I could have had a better idea of the space that was left for the drawing. The Duragraph with the Omniflex nib is undeniably best suited for a very wet ink. My Duraflex is one of my favorite pens when I want to get fancy with my writing and I haven’t had any problems with it since I got it. This Omniflex was a much bigger challenge when I tried to use the dry Kyoto ink. I tried it with some Monteverde Sapphire and it was better behaved. The Kyo-Iro Soft Snow of Ohara is one of the most beautiful inks I have tried in a long time. I might need to get a bottle to add to my collection. It is also perfect for me as a lefty, because it is drier and well behaved.

This pen and ink combo did not play nicely together but on their own, they are great products. The Omniflex Duragraph would be fabulous for anyone that want a flex pen with a classic look. It is great for adding some flair to your creative writing and hand lettering. The Soft Snow of Ohara ink is a great choice for anyone looking for a drier ink that has gorgeous color and depth. It would be great for an alternate note-taking color and is possibly subtle enough for an office environment, although maybe not for official paperwork.

You can find the Conklin Duragraph Purple Nights with an Omniflex nib at GouletPens.com for $52. Kyo-Iro Soft Snow of Ohara is available in a 2ml ink sample for $2.40 or a 40ml bottle for $24.

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