Thursday Things: Rubik's Cube

It’s not challenging to see why a good stationery helps improve your writing game. But if you’re puzzled as to which pen or notebook to pick, you need to sneak a peek at this Thursday Things assortment. Finding the right tools for you can be a few rounds of trial and error, but finding the perfect fit is like everything matching up perfectly in line. Thursday Things: Rubik’s Cube features some of our favorite nifty notebooks and playful pens with a lovely pop of color and quality construction. Our own Brian Goulet is a fan of challenges and solving of these colorful cubes. If you too like decoding a good mystery, task yourself with tackling the quest for the perfect pen and notebook. You just might achieve sweet victory in the end.

Featured products from left to right:


Opus 88 Fantasia Fountain Pen- Green






What is your favorite puzzle game?

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