In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about Italy, pen peeves, and Inktober!

This week:


1) Stuart J- Facebook (10:46)

In your experience do different cultures or countries have differing attitudes when it comes to fountain pens or writing implements in general?

  • yes, for sure, just like there are different attitudes towards a lot of things!
  • My experience is both with manufacturers and suppliers, as well as customers on social media
  • manufacturers and suppliers tend to be concentrated in areas of the world where fountain pens are more utilized and part of the culture
  • Japan, Italy, Germany, France, UK, China, Taiwan, and India mainly
  • Social media is skewed from my interaction bc we speak English so it skews towards English-speaking nations based on my interactions, but that doesn’t mean that’s only where the interest is
  • some countries it’s more rooted in the culture, in tradition or romance and craftsmanship
  • other countries it’s purely utility and function
  • others it’s purely curiosity, status, or niche appeal
  • No matter what county, everyone’s facing changes in utility of writing instruments with the change in technology, so there are global shifts happening in the writing world that’s affecting things
  • Pure utility-driven interest is going down thanks to alternatives like texting, but other niches (like fountain pens) are actually seeing an increase, due to more social sharing and product education

2) pls_artiest- Instagram (15:28)

With all the nib options that are currently being produced(EF/F/M/B/Stub/Flex) do you think there will be another regularly offered nib option that doesn’t have to be a custom grind?

  • I don’t see anything on the horizon as imminent, as much as I’d like
  • other options that are currently custom grinds are usually to obscure or time-consuming to offer without custom work
  • I could see more stub options, like cursive italics or smaller size stubs coming into fashion, but even that might be a way’s off if at all!


3) @TankCruisin- Twitter (19:23)

What effect, if any, does Inktober have on the Goulet Pen Company?

  • honestly, I don’t know! It can’t hurt!
  • it started in 2009, the year we started
  • it’s mainly artist-driven, which isn’t our primary market, I see a lot of non-FP entries there
  • there are surely people that get amped about ink and want to shop with us, but we don’t have a way to track it as we’re not a sponsor or anything with a traceable coupon code or anything

4) Martijn K- Facebook (22:33)

Are there any special plans for the company’s 10th anniversary next year and can you shine some light on them?

  • I’ve gotten asked about this, and it’s still a way’s out so I wouldn’t tell you about anything if I did have it planned
  • I’m very open to ideas! That’s why I wanted to take this question, really ;)
  • Could certainly consider some exclusive LE pens or ink, special video or series? Not sure!


5) pens.and.puppers- Instagram (25:29)

What was the most surprising fact you learned from your trip? (About pens or otherwise, even art, etc.) I loved all the pictures of the cathedrals, by the way! Absolutely stunning.

  • There was a lot of good stuff on my trip!
  • The history and culture wasn’t so much a surprise, but it really hit me just how abundant that is, especially in Florence
  • I studied things like the Renaissance in school, but I could really see it happening in Florence!
  • I learned some interesting stuff about Michaelangelo and the David
  • I was surprised just how different the cultural influences were in each city even though they weren’t that far apart

6) Merry C- Facebook (31:52)

How did Rachel do with the travel! She was in my thoughts since I am the same way!

  • Rachel did great! It was definitely a trial for her, with lots of potential triggers
  • It really showed just how far she’s come, and the work she’s done
  • we did a lot, and it would be tiring for anyone
  • she did great at moderating (I didn’t!), and she spoke up when something was too much or she needed a break
  • it was as ideal as it possibly could have been, and it was great to make those memories together!
  • Let there be hope for anyone with anxiety, or who cares for someone with anxiety, it can be overcome!

7) darcieglam- Instagram (35:53)

What was your favorite meal? Last time I was in Italy I bought all the things and had gelato every day!

  • just about every meal we had there was so good…
  • a standout for me was super super fresh buffalo mozzarella, which was an entire meal for us!
  • great pizza
  • caprese salads were delicious
  • gelato for daaaaaaays! Nutella flavor was my fav
  • Florentine T-bone was unreal

8) Kimberly G- Facebook (40:03)

What is one of your biggest pet peeves you’ve seen someone do to a fountain pens?

  • when people just yank on pen caps assuming they’re snap cap! They don’t realize there are a lot of screw caps!

QOTW: What’s your biggest pen peeve? (42:10)

Writing Prompt: Write your least favorite word in cursive 25 times! (42:22)

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