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Hi guys! Adrianne from the Customer Care team here! I did my Monday Matchup this week with the ONLINE Slope-Wild Berry (F nib) and the Monteverde Garnet ink. I choose this combo for a few reasons. First, I wanted to try the Online Pen, as I really liked the look of it. Secondly, we have the amazing offer going on with Monteverde Ink and I thought what better time to try the rich pink of the Garnet ink, and thirdly, the name of the ink really spoke to me. I look for meaning in everyday items, words and phrases, so I thought this would be fun to research and come up with something that tied it together!

I had a brainstorm session to see what I wanted to dedicate this Monday Matchup to. So I started with researching Garnet the gemstone. I knew it was the gemstone for January, so I thought I might try to go the gemstone route with a drawing and a quote, but then in my researching I discovered the name for Garnet comes from the Latin word “Garanatus”. That word means “seedlike,” mainly in reference to a pomegranate because Garnets looked like the inside seeds of a pomegranate. From there I just knew I needed to do a bountiful cornucopia featuring a pomegranate, and focus on gratitude since the holiday season is upon us. One of our Goulet Core Values is “Express Gratitude”. Everything started coming together and I decided on my drawing.

I googled a cornucopia and a pomegranate and then started by tracing the outline of the horn and the pumpkin and some of the fruit leaves and veggies.  I added my own twist on the pomegranates and finished by tracing the rest of the cornucopia fillings and adding a few of my own touches free hand. I outlined everything with the Garnet Ink, and then took a Caran d’Ache brush pen and dipped it in water to give the washed over effect. I went over everything with the pen to give further depth to the outline, and then dipped the brush pen in the actual ink for some more concentrated color. Then I went back and added shading and a little bit more depth to the fruit and veggies. I used a large coffee mug as a guide for the quote and then wrote it out, going over it several times to give the color a little bit of a darker look.

I loved the feel of the pen when I was using it. I took notes with it for a few days, and thought the nib was very smooth. I liked the Fine nib because it kept up with my quick writing. The pen is fairly lightweight, and the sculpted grip reminded me of the LAMY pens, which I really like. I liked that the cap posted and was a decent snap so I felt it was secure. That is very important to me, since I have lost a pen before due to a faulty cap. (Don’t worry though, the pen showed up months later). I think this pen is great for everything honestly. It felt good to hold, was comfortable posted and non posted. I have smaller hands too, so that is something that can affect a pen’s performance for me. I liked the color of this pen (and how it matched the ink) and the slight texture of the grip. The clip was smooth as well, so I feel like it would be secure if you used it in a jacket or shirt pocket.

I wish the ink were a little more red, and a little darker. I found the ink to be more pink and I prefer a more reddish pink than a pinkish pink. However, the way the ink performed was great. It did a lovely wash, layered very nice, was smooth, but not too wet writing and didn’t feather even when I tried it on some cheap paper when I was brainstorming. I already love the Monteverde California Teal and how it performs, so I was expecting this to be similar in performance and I was not disappointed. I was very pleased with my final product, the way the shading of the ink, the ink wash and the quote all came together. I wish I were able to do the entire process without needing to trace my drawings as much, but that just gives me something to strive for!

You can find the ONLINE Slope Wild Berry at GouletPens.com for $24. Monteverde Garnet is available in a 2ml ink sample for $1.25 or a 90ml bottle for $15, but you can receive a free bottle with the purchase of these select pens (including the Slope) through the end of 2018.

We will be taking a break from Monday Matchup Giveaway for the months of November and December. Stay tuned in 2019 for when we return!

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We will be taking a break from Monday Matchup Giveaway for the months of November and December. Stay tuned in 2019 for when we return!

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