You don’t need to break the bank to give the gift of fountain pens! Many great-writing pens are available  for under $25 as well as spectacular inks, and fountain pen-friendly paper! Check out our list of 10 great, yet affordable options:

Monteverde Monza Crystal Clear – $11.99

Clear demonstrator pens are nearly a must-have in any pen collection and the Monteverde Monza Crystal Clear is a great and affordable option! Ready to write with a standard international converter & two cartridges, this fountain pen even comes with a free bottle of Monteverde ink (worth $15) for a limited time.

Jinhao 993 Shark – $3.95

Who says fountain pen designs can’t be a little fun? The Jinhao 993 Shark Pen embraces the idea with a shark-like cap and many colorful colors including Light Pink and Lime Green. For under $5, the 993 features a unique hooded nib and is one of the best-writing pens for the price. Perfect for the young fountain pen enthusiast in your life!

Field Notes Clandestine – $12.95

Have an international spy in your life that needs a new notebook? Crack the code and go with the Winter 2018 seasonal edition from Field Notes, Clandestine! This 3-pack of notebooks has a sleek and mysterious feel and is filled with secret codes and ciphers. With dot-grid ruling, your favorite secret agent can also stay organized.

Organics Studio Ink – $13

Give the gift of sheen! Organics Studio is known for creating some of the best sheening inks around, and you don’t need to break the bank to use them! With bottles under $15, experience these color shifting inks like Nitrogen, Thoreau, or Emerson!

Notebook Sampler Set – $19.90

Finding the perfect notebook can be tricky when first starting with fountain pens. From paper thickness to page ruling, there’s a few options to choose from. Instead of diving right in with a notebook that might not work, try our Notebook Sampler Set! This set showcases pocket-sized notebooks from Apica, Clairefontaine, Goulet (Tomoe River), Maruman Mnemosyne, Traveler’s, and Rhodia; allowing them to find the perfect notebook for their next purchase.

ONLINE Slope – $24

Coming in soft pastel colors like Sunny Peach and Aquamarina, the ONLINE Slope is new to the Goulet Pens scene but has quickly become one of our favorite starter pens. With a matte resin barrel and dynamic faceted twisting shape, this fountain pen is sure to catch a few eyes! This also comes with a free bottle of Monteverde ink (worth $15) for a limited-time.

Pilot Explorer – $23.60

New & affordable Pilot fountain pen, need I say more? Joining forces with the Metropolitan and Kakuno, the Pilot Explorer offers a lightweight option with a metallic look. With those Japanese nibs you know and love, the Explorer is a perfect addition to any fountain pen collection.

Pilot Iroshizuku Ink – $19.99

A no-nonsense ink with a premium glass bottle, Pilot Iroshizuku ink is a staple for many GPC employees for good reason! Whether it’s the vibrant blue Kon-peki that Brian loves, or the sheening Yama-budo that Rachel uses, there’s a color for everyone. Add this classy ink bottle to your rotation!

Surprise Me! Ink Sample Set – $9

With over 700 inks to choose from on the Goulet Pens site, it can be hard to narrow down which inks you want to try. Take the guesswork out and opt for a Surprise Me! Ink Sample Set featuring 8 randomly chosen ink samples. Narrow down the color, brand, and properties before diving in with a full bottle. They’ll be sure to find a new favorite ink in these sets.

TWSBI GO – $18.99

One of the best value brands around, TWSBI, has set the bar again in 2018! The new TWSBI GO features a unique spring loaded piston filling mechanism. Fill and clean this pen with a push of a button! Available in Smoke or Sapphire, this fountain pen is a great deal for under $20.

Honorable Mention: Diplomat Magnum – $20

The Diplomat Magnum sports a lightweight body with an amazingly springy JoWo nib! Available in 5 different colors (Blue, Red, Black, Grey, and White), this affordable workhouse features a matte chrome trim and ergonomic grip section. To make this an even better deal, from now through the rest of 2018, the Magnum comes with a free bottle of 90ml Monteverde ink ($15 value)!

To shop all of these products and even more great gift ideas, check out our Stocking Stuffers Shopping Guide! Did you find the perfect, yet affordable, gift? Have your eye on another pen or ink? Let us know in the comments below.

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