With the holidays in the rearview mirror, it’s time to shift your focus and treat yourself! After diligently curating the perfect gifts for all your friends and family, why not splurge a little on yourself? Did you receive a Goulet e-gift card? Here are 7 perfect ways to indulge on fountain pens, inks, or cases that you normally wouldn’t. Treat yourself!

Treat Yourself… to your First Flex Pen: Conklin Duragraph with Omniflex Nib

Been eyeing a flex nib to add to your collection but haven’t pulled the trigger yet? The Conklin Duragraph with Omniflex nib offers a fountain pen with vintage appeal, but also a modern flex nib to show off great line variation!

Treat Yourself… to Fountain Pens On-The-Go: Girologio Pen Cases

Take your favorite fountain pens wherever you go in a safe & secure case from Girologio! These leather cases come in a variety of colors, like Oxblood, and in a variety of sizes!

Treat Yourself… to your First Gold Nib: LAMY 2000

Taking the plunge into gold nib pens is almost a rite of passage for fountain pen users. The LAMY 2000 offers an easy transition as it’s one of our favorite entry-level gold nibs around! Enjoy a smooth-writing experience with the hooded nib.

Treat Yourself… to Pen Cleaning Nirvana: Goulet Pen Cleaning Set

Cleaning your pens can be a headache, especially if you don’t have the right tools! Fix that and find yourself in pen cleaning bliss with the Goulet Pen Cleaning Set. Featuring 2 ink syringes, a bulb syringe, and a bottle of Goulet Pen Flush, stubborn ink won’t stand a chance!

Treat Yourself… to your First Visconti: Visconti Mirage

Visconti has plenty of grail-worthy pens, but the newly available Visconti Mirage is their most affordable pen model yet! At under $130, the Mirage has a swirling resin body and satisfying magnetic cap. Great option to try out the Visconti brand.

Treat Yourself… to a Complete Rainbow of Inks: Monteverde Emotions Ink Set

With so many colors and brands to choose from, finding the perfect inks to add to your collection can be a stressful endeavor. Check all your inky boxes with one purchase by going with the Emotions 10 Ink Set from Monteverde!

Treat Yourself… to Better Handwriting: CursiveLogic Workbook

Has your handwriting seen better days? Up your game with the CursiveLogic Workbook! This comprehensive manual offers an intelligent way to re-learn cursive writing. From step-by-step instructions to practice sheets, this workbook will have your handwriting looking better each day!


Have you been treating yourself to any new pens, ink, or accessories this holiday season? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team