In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about his 7 deadly fountain pen sins, restoring “found” desk pens, and his favorite fountain pen spotting in a film.

This week:

  • Had daughter’s birthday, Christmas, New Years, lots going on at the Goulet house!
  • wasn’t planning to shoot Q&A this week, wanted to squeeze it in
  • dug into the archives to get questions, keeping it short and sweet
  • team has been SO busy here, it’s been way busier than expected!
  • lots and lots of closeouts, definitely check those out on the site, started with 180 items on closeout, now closer to 100
  • there’s a lot we stocked up on for the holidays, some sold through, some didn’t, so we’re wanting to lighten up our inventory to free up cash to invest in new products and projects for the new year
  • we live and die by how we manage our inventory!
  • Yafa ink deal extended on select pens, Purple Rembrandt, Violet Aero, Pelikan m800 Stone Garden and m600 Vibrant Orange, a number of inks we’re clearing out that we won’t continue carrying
  • Some new stuff will be coming but not a lot for the next few weeks, we and everyone else are getting into the swing of things still
  • Coming up on Write Now number 100! Can’t believe it! We’re also going to hit our 10th year selling fountain pens
  • Just talked about New Years resolutions, and I’m already making progress towards mine!


1) Anonymous- Facebook (12:55)

“What are your 7 deadly sins of fountain pens?

  1. Greed- most expensive and inexpensive item in your collection.- Namiki Yukari Moonlight, and I guess free Noodler’s pens that came with my ink!
  2. Wrath- item you love to hate.- Flex pens! Any anything eyedropper
  3. Gluttony- your most delicious product.- anything LAMY, TWSBI, I don’t even think about it I just get it. And a lot of special inks!
  4. Sloth- your most neglected product.- pretty much any pen that needs to be cleaned, though I have gotten better about it!
  5. Pride- item you’re most proud of.- Any exclusives or co-branded stuff
  6. Lust- the product your really want but just can’t get.- the next pen, whatever that is! Clearly I struggle with FOMO. But really Sailor and Montblanc, let’s be real
  7. Envy- who in the pen community do you envy the most?”- really no one, but I do really appreciate the skills of nibmeisters and could have lived an alternate life doing that work full time!

2) Rob B- Facebook (21:34)

Are the sections of the Kaweco Classic Sport and Skyline Sport pens interchangeable? I might know a guy who’s thought about a Mint pen with a Bordeaux grip…or something similar.

  • Haha, asking for a friend, eh Rob?
  • Yup! Totally interchangeable between these models
  • Swap away!


3) @LucyHoneychurch- Twitter (22:23)

I use the Leuchtturm notebooks as a diary and never quite know what to do with the perforates pages. I use them to try out ink but I never need 8 pages for this. I’m curious what other people do with the perforated pages. Wish you the best for 2019!

  • I’ve been using them for years and never torn out a single page
  • I don’t think those pages are there for people who use them as regular diaries
  • It’s more if you want to use it like a notepad, tearing off directions to give to someone else, making a to-do list you intend to throw out, whatever, it’s literally meant to be disposed of! I’m curious to hear what others do with it


4) Curt A- Facebook (26:37)

People keep finding old, abandoned pens in desk drawers. How about a “How-to” for resurrecting them?

  • this is something I get asked about a lot, which is tough because i’m not a pen restorer!
  • depending on the age, condition, type of pen there could be a lot of steps to be taken, that all vary and need pro advice
  • The best I can do is give a few first steps:
    • You can almost always assume there’s ink dried up in the pen that won’t work
    • the dried ink will need to be cleaned out, and it will be difficult
    • the dried ink will often clog the pen entirely, so it won’t be easy to flush the pen
    • you can pretty much assume you’ll need a pen flush, as that’s what’ll help break down the dried ink
    • soaking the grip of the pen will be most helpful, and probably require a couple of days
    • an ultrasonic cleaner does wonders in this scenario, best to just do the whole dang pen
    • if this doesn’t do it, then you’re into restoration territory, and that’s outta my specialty!
    • unfortunately I don’t know of many people that do restoration work, but this is where FPN and Goulet Nation can help


5) Tyler H- Facebook (38:10)

What is your favorite Movie/TV Show scene that showed a fountain pen?

  • truth be told, I haven’t noticed all that many, but there are threads about that stuff on FPN and Reddit
  • I guess this is my favorite? It’s at least the most notable and memorable one that I’ve seen: from an old Mickey Mouse short called “Thu The Mirror” where Mickey’s dreaming and becomes miniature in a room where inanimate objects come to life
  • He uses a lever-filling fountain pen like a machine gun to fend off invading playing cards chasing him for having danced with the “queen” card
  • It’s kinda messed up and a little creepy, but the fountain pen is prominent and unmistakable!

QOTW: What are you looking to accomplish in 2019? (43:59)

Writing Prompt: Write down a SMART version of your New Years resolution (a goal for 2019). (44:39)

Write On,
Brian Goulet