At the Goulet Pen Company office, every day is handwriting day, but once a year, we also get to celebrate National Handwriting Day! January 23rd, John Hancock’s birthday, offers the chance every year to appreciate one of the most unique and individual things we possess as humans, our own handwriting style! In celebration, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite handwriting features from the past few years. Take a moment to enjoy some handwriting love!

5 Tips for Improving Your Handwriting with Fountain Pens

Left Out- Ep. 1- Tips for Lefties

QUIZ: 5 Simple Questions to Find Your Perfect Nib Size

The Goulet Nation’s 7 Favorite Words to Write with a Fountain Pen


Here are some great product you may also want to check out for handwriting practice!

  • TWSBI Eco– This pen packs a great ink capacity and smooth writing nib for plenty of writing.
  • CursiveLogic Workbook– This workbook for all ages focuses on the inherent shapes of letter, rather than memorization, for a fun journey into neat penmanship.
  • The Art of Cursive Penmanship Book– Written by Master Penmen Michael Sull, this book is perfect for self-paced study and writing practice, no matter what your schedule may be.
  • Ink Sample Package Sets– Add some fun to your writing with new splashes of color. Shop our ink smaple package sets to discover a new ink to give yourhandwriting extra pazzazz.


Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team