Have you ever felt the sting of a prized fountain pen going missing without a trace? How about the joy of finding an ink that performs so beautifully that you can almost hear the angel choruses singing as you write? As members of the fountain pen community, we are very familiar with the sheer elation and utter devastation that comes with this hobby. It’s safe to say that we have all formed some sort of attachment to our pens and inks during our journey down the fountain pen rabbit hole. One of the best things about this community is our ability to appreciate the humor in our “obsession” that others simply don’t understand. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we decided to share some instances of love and loss that we’re sure you can relate to. Below, you will find some humorous letters exemplifiying common situations faced by fountain pen fans.

Our first letter comes from our friend, “Mooning Over Apache Sunset.” He says:

“My Dearest,

We really must set some boundaries. We cannot carry on like this. You’re all I can think about! Every time I think I am going to make a change, I just keep coming back to you. My friends and family are starting to ask questions. They think I should explore other inks and shake things up. Maybe I should try something new. Maybe. You are currently in all of the fountain pens I own. Life simply can’t be lived in all orange, can it?

Oh, Apache Sunset, you don’t understand! I love you! You are hands-down the best ink ever created. I just cannot escape your warm glow, the excitement and dimension you bring to everyday tasks, and the way you just seem to fit my style. How could I ever think to give you up? It’s out of the question.

Yours forever,
Mooning over Apache Sunset”

Who hasn’t fallen hard for an ink at one time or another? Whether it’s the perfect shade for the office or the fact that it makes even your most stubborn pens flow perfectly, ink is a very important part of the writing equation. It’s hard not to get super excited when the right one comes along. What would you do in this situation?

Have you ever lost a pen? It’s pretty crushing, especially if it’s a favorite pen. Our friend, “Missing TWSBI,” shares her feelings in one of these situations. She writes:

“To the one I lost…

Where are you? It’s been days since I saw you last. My heart aches in your abscence, my precious TWSBI. One day, we’re working together as the perfect team and now you’re gone without a trace! I hope whoever finds you will keep your tines clean and flossed your tines andwill give you the love you so desperately deserve.

Yours eternally,

Missing TWSBI”

How heartbreaking! I’m sure you can relate to this pain and how hard it would be to lose your favorite writing companion. We can only hope that her pen reappears to end her longing.

Unintentionally hurting one of your pens seems to cause more pain that we can explain. No amount of apologies or regret will fix your pen unfortunately. This is a lesson “Brokenhearted over a Broken Nib” learned the hard way. Read her letter below:

“My sweet darling,

I am the worst person ever. I can’t believe I hurt you so badly! Three years of faithful companionship and I blew it all in a single moment of carelessness. Our lives are ruined. Destroyed. I never should have left you uncapped on my desk while I flirted with other, newer pens on Google. I didn’t mean it. You must believe me.

While my eyes were on another you fell, nib first, onto the cold hard floor. Forgive me, my pen. It breaks my heart that I can’t replace your nib and restore our relationship. Forgive me and I vow to search out the best nibmeister to bring you back to life once again. Please, just one more chance and my eyes will never stray again.


Brokenhearted over a Busted Nib”

Finally, who hasn’t lamented that “one that got away?” Whether it’s an ink or a pen or some other writing tool that you definitely regret not getting, we all have that one we feel sad we missed. Our friend, “Missed Connection with a Dark Lilac Beauty” shares her story in this letter:

“Oh Dark and Alluring Beauty!

Where have you gone? A few hours of hesitation was all it took for me to miss the joy of sharing my writing adventures with you. I thought you’d be there if I ordered you in the evening. I was sure there would be plenty of stock left and I could bring your beauty into my heart.

Alas, we were not meant to be. You are gone forever, LAMY Dark Lilac, and I’m consumed with envy for anyone lucky enough to bask in your sheeny glow. There will never be another.

Missed Connection with a Dark Lilac Beauty”

What is your fountain pen missed connection story? We all have one. Fret not, there will always be another pen or ink to catch your eye and make you fall in love again.



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Write on,
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