In this episode, I talk about sharing pens with your spouse, who should use fountain pens, and special edition availability. Enjoy!

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1) bbdcky- Instagram 

Is it okay to share fountain pens longterm? My husband and I share our fountain pen collection but I heard the nibs conform to the writer. How will sharing affect the nibs?

  • letting someone borrow your fountain pens and having it “ruin” the “personalized” aspect of it is a common myth
  • fountain pens are personal, but largely because people end up choosing the ones they like most
  • over time, the tipping can “break in” or wear into a spot if used consistently, but it takes years, and won’t be undone quickly
  • if someone borrows your pens and ruins the nib that’s obviously bad, but short of that you’re going to be okay!
  • Just make sure they’re being maintained regularly and you’ll be okay
  • I highly recommend sharing pens with your SO or friends, you get access to so many more pens!

2) Brett M- Facebook

Recently, I tried the Platinum Procyon and it has become my favorite pen. I am interested some of the other Platinums. Usually when discussing Japanese pens I hear a lot about Pilot. How would you compare the Plaisir to the Metropolitan and the 3776 to the Custom 74? Why would one choose one over the other. Thank you for your help and all you do

  • Plaisir is kind of an underrated pen, and deserves a little love
  • Metropolitan is an obvious favorite of mine
  • Plaisir is a little lighter, dents a little easier than the Metro
  • both have proprietary converters, Plaisir doesn’t come with one, though
  • If you like the Preppy, you’ll love the Plaisir
  • nib is a little smoother on the Metro, a little more tooth on the Preppy
  • 3776 and 74 are both great pens, I am a fan of both
  • very different nib experiences
  • 3776 has a stiff nib, toothier writing, a little stingier flow
  • 74 nib has more bounce, smoother, slightly more flow
  • it really just depends which writing experience you want
  • quality from both brands is top notch!

3) Meto N- Facebook

Who do you think would benefit the most from fountain pens in this day and age that aren’t regularly interacting with them?

  • everyone!…?
  • obviously whoever’s interested should use them
  • any working professional can use them to make their writing life a little more interesting or as conversation starters
  • students, teachers, can use them for writing notes for long periods without getting cramps
  • gratitude journals, great for anxiety
  • goal setting, mind mapping, bullet journaling/planning, can make decision making more enticing
  • anyone doing creative work, like authors, illustrators, calligraphers, etc
  • people who love technical hobbies, especially if they love history, culture, chemistry and physics


4) Meg S- Facebook

I have fallen in love with sheening inks! But I also like to use inks that are permanent! Are there any inks out there with both qualities? Are there any sheening and permanent inks I could mix together to create one with both qualities? Or am I doomed to pick one over the other? Help!

  • sadly….there really aren’t any, I looked through the whole list of 100 or so water resistant inks we have
  • permanent inks seem to not have the properties that allow them to sheen
  • sheening inks pool up on the paper, permanent inks soak in, they seem to have opposite characteristics
  • you could try mixing the two, it would dilute the properties of both, but could work?
  • Like mix Noodler’s Periwinkle with Diamine Majestic Blue? Not sure how that would work but could be worth a shot.


5) pickled_kiwi- Instagram

Why is Karas Kustoms not being carried on anymore?

  • we’re taking a pause, it was purely due to poor sales
  • They came out with the offerings they did 3 years ago, and haven’t expanded anything to retailers like us
  • slowly over time sales dwindled, we’ve tried promoting but it’s slowed to a crawl
  • we love the American made aspect of it, the people there, the products themselves
  • bottom line, we can’t offer things just to offer them, if they don’t sell, we can’t hold onto them forever
  • this is the case for all of our brands
  • We’ve dropped Waterman, Parker, Cross, and others, for exactly the same reason
  • it’s not a closed door forever, we’re just pausing on it

6) Supakorn R- Facebook 

Would Goulet offer Gold Goulet Nibs?

  • It’s not something we’re looking to do right away, we’ve thought about it for a while
  • they’re very expensive, and not readily available to us, and the quantities we’d have to buy would be pretty significant
  • I’d love to know what kind of demand there was, if we had to charge $150 for them or thereabouts
  • they would write really well, but also be a little more delicate to install than steel nibs

7) Savannah S- Facebook 

Does “special/limited edition” always mean you only have a few? You’ve mentioned the Lamy specials could be around for a while, but then I wonder about the BENUs or orange Ecos or Juniper Edisons. Is there a way to see on the website if it’s low stock?

  • Special Edition means the manufacturer is only making a particular amount, or for a particular time, basically it’s limited in number but not individually numbered
  • we may have only a few, or a lot, it really depends on the circumstance
  • LAMY tends to make their SE pens for a year, but not always! The Studio Racing Green we had one shot, VibrantPink and All Black we had for a full year
  • if it’s an exclusive, sometimes we have the option to work with the manufacturer and make them numbered LE’s, SE’s, and buy as many as we want (to a point)
  • what’s tough is we don’t really know for sure how popular any particular pen will be
  • I don’t know that we have a good way to show the inventory on our site, and that would get complicated, especially with hot products
  • it’s something I’ll give some thought, but I can’t make any promises

8) Elizabeth D- Facebook 

Is there a rhyme or reason why some items appear in “new arrivals” without first being in “coming soon”? I was taken by surprise when the new blue Elmo showed up without warning. 🙂

  • Some products we basically keep secret until they launch, like our seasonal Premieres, for example
  • sometimes we don’t have a picture until the stuff actually arrives to us, so it wouldn’t make sense to hold it back and list it as coming soon, when we can just start offering it
  • that’s about it!

QOTW: What’s the most recent pen you’ve bought, and how do you like it? 

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