In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks a lot about ink! Enjoy ;)

This week:


1) pravek.sinha- Instagram (06:17)

I am thinking of upgrading from my lamy 2000, what are my options?


2) Sarah S.- YouTube (14:33)

With the rise of pastel color pens, do you think more pastel (but readable) inks will be the new thing? Thinking of blue myotis, rose gilt, barossa gilt

  • to a degree, yes, especially as people are matching their pens
  • is there a huge shift to pastel-like inks? Not from what I can tell
  • in the US at least, people are still loving deep, saturated, sheening, shimmering, permanent inks
  • tastes can always change, especially with colors, but I don’t see a tipping point happening yet, with ink at least

3) clbdroid- Instagram (17:27)

You’ve mentioned before that inks have a pretty long shelf life…is that also true for inks with scents, shimmer or sheening effects added? Do they require any different storage or maintenance? Thanks to you and your team for all you do for we fountain pen nerds!🤓🌻

  • great question! Hard to say for sure, because they haven’t been around for decades
  • in general, I think you’re okay to do the same storage methods, nothing special is needed
  • sheening inks I’m a little more confident since they’ve been around a little longer
  • if there are storage issues, they should show up relatively soon, once they last 6-12 months they should last as long as other inks
  • shimmer I think is okay, it’ll just settle in the bottle, I could see it being an issue if there’s evaporation
  • scents…I feel less confident it’d last as long maintaining the strength of the scent, but I don’t know how long it’ll last
  • bottom line, store in a cool, dark place outside of sunlight with the cap tightly sealed for best results of any ink

4) hectorisegura818- Instagram (20:29)

X-Feather blue rumor! Is there any weight to it? At least put on your tinfoil hat and talk a little about what that would mean

  • I hear about this rumor pretty regularly, I have no evidence to legitimize it
  • from what I’ve understood talking to Nathan in the past, there were no dyes with the right components to make anything other than black X-feather
  • unless he discovers something new, which is possible, I don’t expect to see it. Sorry!

5) @MobyProf- Twitter (23:09)

what are some of the shading-est blue inks out there? Love Noodler’s Blue & Iroshizuku Asa-Gao, but would like to try something w/ more variation while I write.


6) thevelveteenvixen- Instagram (27:09)

I’ve been having problems with traces of ink remaining in my (cartridge) pen after thorough flushing (several ear bulbs’ worth of water, flushing another ~10 ml or so after it seems clean) – wiping the nib on kitchen tissue and letting the tissue wick the water out comes out clean, but the moment I re-ink the pen it writes with the old ink for maybe a quarter of an inch or less before starting on the new ink. I know different inks can react with each other, so obviously I don’t want to risk the health of my pen to this issue if I can help it. Is there some way of ensuring this doesn’t happen short of refilling an empty cartridge with distilled water and “writing” with that, which is basically the only solution I can think of that I haven’t tried?

  • it’s rare that inks react, but it’s a slight concern if you’re using ones with extreme properties (Noodler’s Baystates)
  • you’re flushing it out quite a lot already
  • depending on the pen, ink can wrap up around the nib and not get cleaned out all the way with a bulb syringe, if the syringe is flushing through the filler hole too quickly (this is the same with flushing with a converter)
  • disassembly is an option, at least pulling the nib
  • soaking the grip section is an option
  • try going a little slower with the bulb syringe or providing it some resistance (like Preppy)
  • pen flush maybe, if there’s dried ink up in there
  • in general though, I’ve never heard of an issue with ink missing with the level of cleaning you’re doing now so I think in general you’re okay,

7) sugarandsarcasm- Instagram (34:26)

Recently, you talked about TWSBI saying that the white grease on the piston of AL models should not be removed or mixed with the included silicone grease. I bought my first TWSBI 580AL two years ago, before this was public knowledge. Over the course of a few months, the piston became stiff, and I added some of the included silicone grease to help smooth it out. It helped a little, but the piston remained a little stiff. Of course, now I know why. What should I do?

  • I wanted to answer this because I got and answer right after the last Q&A!
  • it’s wheel bearing grease, that’s what you want to use
  • you can find it at any auto parts store, it’s going to be WAY more than you need but that’s what the grease is
  • it’s something we could buy ourselves, divvy up like the silicone grease…gimmie feedback on that

QOTW: What inks do you use that are easiest to clean out of your pen? (37:53)

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