We were lucky to be joined by John Lane of Pilot USA last week at our office, so we decided to take some time and ask him a few Pilot/Namiki questions! Watch the video above of this special episode of Goulet Q&A.

New Pilot Products Mentioned:

1) @NotAWiz4rd (08:54)
How do the lower end Maki-E pens compare to the normal (non-Maki-E) Pilot pen? In terms of features, not the artwork of course

2) @VrixTweets (12:48)
What’s the deal with the Pilot MYU/Murex(/M90)? are those completely “out of print” or is there some way y’all could get those in stock someday?

3) Crowdsourced (15:05)
Maki-e: are people actually using these pens, or mainly collecting them for investments?

4) John S. (19:26)
How does the FA nib on the 912 or 823 compare with the nibs on the Falcon? Does it come in different widths like the Falcon?

5) Amy V. (23:07)
The click mechanism for my blue carbonesque just fell apart (some time ago). Can it be repaired! If so, can I do it or does it need to go back to Pilot? (What’s the warranty process for Pilot/Namiki)

6) Crowdsourced (24:43)
Lots of questions on the Con-40…is there anything you can comment on about why that change (general tone of customer questions is not favorable)?

7) Crowdsourced (28:42)
What have been some of your favorite Namiki Maki-e’s over the years?


What do you think? Should we have more brand specific Q&As in the future? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team