A visual look back at all of the annual limited edition Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pens that have been available in the United States. The Pilot Vanishing Point is a click-retractable fountain pen, featuring an 18kt gold nib. Our history with Pilot only goes back to 2011, but we dug up some official info on some colors that pre-date Goulet Pens! Enjoy. :)

2020: Link Black

2019: Tropical Turquoise


2018: Crossed Lines

Pilot VP Crossed Lines

2017: Crimson Sunrise

Pilot VP Crimson Sunrise


2016: Guilloche

Pilot VP Guilloche


2015: Twilight

Pilot VP Twilight


2014: Copper

Pilot VP Copper


2013: Maple Wood (50th Anniversary)

Pilot VP Maple


2012: Charcoal Marble

Pilot VP Charcoal Marble


2011: Pink

Pilot VP Pink


2010: Ice Green

Pilot VP Ice Green


2009: Vivid Red

Pilot VP Vivid Red


2008: Purple

Pilot VP Purple


2007: Orange

Pilot VP Orange


2006: Ice Blue

Pilot VP Ice Blue


2005: Red Carbonesque

Pilot VP Red Carbonesque


2004: Mandarin

Pilot VP Mandarin


Pilot VP LE


Which one if your favorite?

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