Have a crisp $20 bill burning a hole in your pocket? Might be time for a new pen, ink, and paper! Get yourself writing with these recommendations:

Pen: Jinhao 51A – $8.00

Similar to vintage pens of the past, the Jinhao 51A features a hooded nib that makes filling the pen super easy. It adds a modern touch with the demonstrator look to keep an eye on the ink levels as you write.

Ink: Diamine 30ml Bottle – $7.50

One of our most popular ink brands is also one of our most affordable! Get a full bottle of Diamine ink for under $8. There’s sure to be a color for everyone with over 60 different options to choose from. Couple of great options include the shading Ancient Copper, the sheening Majestic Blue, or even Aurora Borealis which was designed with help from the fountain pen subreddit!

Paper: Apica CD-15 Notebook – $3.80

The vintage stylings continue with the paper choice. Apica notebooks are a bit underrated in our eyes! Great design on the cover, come in a variety of colors, and features super smooth paper. The final piece to this puzzle!

Total: $19.30

What do you think? Can you build a better combination for under $20? We’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments below!

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team