When the smolder of a great idea engulfs your imagination, it helps to have a pen that can handle the heat. The latest edition of the Nouveau Premiere, a Goulet Pens- Edison Pen Co. collaboration pen with great appeal, is aptly named Smoky Amber, a name chosen to reflect the swirled gray and copper brown resin glimmering with chatoyance and captivating with deep, rich color. This pen will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to grab a treasure of your own before the smoke clears.

The Smoky Amber is the 26th installment in a line of truly diverse and breathtaking seasonal editions with each material hand-selected by our co-owners Rachel and Brian Goulet and Brian Gray of the Edison Pen Company (you can see the full history here). Each pen design is chosen to represent the season in which it debuts, as well as to provide a distinct look that sets it apart from previous editions. Smoky Amber combines the blended color melding look that has been popular in past Premieres, with a more neutral color palette reminiscent of natural autumn beauty. The smoky gray floats like whispy billowing clouds through the pearlescent amber jewel tones throughout the body and cap of the pen. The black accents accentuate the reserved sophistication and beauty of this pen, resulting in a sleek writing instrument perfect for Fall writing sessions.

In addition to its beautiful material, the Smoky Amber Nouveau Premiere features a pleasing shape and size. Below you will find some additional product specs to help you compare the model to other pens in your collection. You can also check out our Pen Plaza to see different pen models side by side.

  • Resin body and cap with black furnishings
  • #6 steel nib, available in Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, and 1.1mm Stub
  • Replacement nibs available for separate purchase as well
  • Converter included and accepts Standard International cartridges
  • Also eyedropper convertible – check out this Quick Tip video to learn how!
  • Postable and comfortable for writing unposted or posted
  • Unposted body length- 128mm (5in), posted- 172.3mm (6.8in)
  • Grip Diameter- 9.2mm (0.4in)
  • Total Weight-17g (0.6oz)

If you are looking for ink to coordinate with this fantastic fall pen, feel free to check out our suggestions below. Some other suitable choices can be found in our Fall into Autumn shopping guide.

De Atramentis Velvet Black- Copper

Monteverde Copper Noir

Jacques Herbin Noir Abyssal

What is your favorite fall color palette?

Write On,

The Goulet Pen Company Team