Pilot is known for making pens that are both easy on the eyes, as well as easy to use. Their reputation for beautiful and functional pens has made the company a bastion of quality writing tools within the fountain pen community. The latest additions to their product offerings are nothing short of stunning. Introducing the Pilot Ishime collection, an assortment of urushi hand lacquered brass fountain pens in four great colors.

The word “Ishime” is roughly translated to “stone path” which is represented on the cap and barrel as the design is hand drawn into the wet lacquer. Artisans utilize a “”Kawari-nuri,” or unique painting, technique to give each pen a handcrafted, individual look with each painted on block design. The pens are available in Black, Burgundy, Hunter Green and Navy color options.

These pens are well balanced and comfortable, with an overall weight of only 37g (in the same weight range as the Pilot Vanishing Point or Visconti Rembrandt). Twist off the cap to reveal a #10 sized 18kt gold nib that will write smoothly each time you use it. The Ishime is available in your choice of Fine, Medium, and Broad nib sizes. A Pilot CON-70 converter is included in the gift box packaging so you’ll be ready to write from the moment your Ishime arrives.  It is also compatible with the proprietary Pilot Namiki cartridges (sold separately).

Which color is your favorite?

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The Goulet Pen Company Team