The Visconti Caesar’s Firenze fountain pen represents the birth of a totally new pen model. Serving as an homage to the storied Roman emperor Julius Caesar and his founding of the city of Florence, the modern-day home of Visconti, this pen flawlessly marries timeless design with modern convenience. You won’t want to miss this limited edition!

The smooth rounded body of the Caesar’s Firenze is accented by two facets running down either side of the pen, mimicking the two rivers that bordered the ancient Roman settlement “Fluentia,” located where modern Florence, or “Firenze,” now stands. This shape has never before been seen in a Visconti pen model, it is a completely new design.

The Caesar’s Firenze is fashioned from Visconti ‘Titanic’ celluloid and the color is a beautiful deep blue with brown variations. The clip is Visconti’s classic Ponte Vecchio bridge clip accented with blue enamel in the logo, and the cap has a threaded closure and features the My Pen System coin. It fills via Visconti’s signature Power Filler system concealed within the pen body.

Visconti is now transitioning to 18kt gold Perfecttouch nibs made by Bock in Germany. On the Product page on our site, we’ve indicated in the nib size dropdown whether the 23kt palladium or 18kt gold nib is currently being offered at Goulet Pens.

The limited-edition Visconti Caesar’s Firenze fountain pen comes in two trim options – Rose Gold and Silver. Each is limited to only 59 pieces worldwide.

What is your favorite Visconti pen?

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