Aurora recently released several special edition fountain pens that you don’t want to miss. Introducing the Aurora Oceani – Oceano Pacifico, the Aurora Oceani – Oceano Indiano . The Aurora Oceani collection was designed to pay homage to the importance of water for our planet. The collection will be divided into 4 series, each one dedicated to a different ocean and only 480 pieces will be available of each color.

The cap and barrel are made from a marbled  Auroloide, with a metal grip section and features a rhodium-plated 18kt gold nib and sterling silver trim. This entire pen is made in Torino, Italy.

Aurora Oceani – Oceano Pacifico

Aurora Oceani  – Oceano Indiano

Aurora also released the Black Mamba which is the latest design to join the rest of the Aurora 88 lineup. Determination, speed of execution, and effectiveness are all aspects of the Black Mamba that inspired this pen. Intrigued by the color of the Black Mamba’s jaws and the texture of the Black Mamba’s skin, the inspiration was found for the guilloche pattern of the cap, barrel and bottom. This color is a limited edition pen that is numbered out of 800.

Aurora 88 – Black Mamba

All of these pens are now available at Tell us what you think about these new pens from Aurora by leaving a comment below!

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