Hate refilling your pen? Get all you need to keep writing with this combo! This latest Bargain Hunting episode offers one set with great recommendations for a pen, ink, and paper to use, all for under $30:

Pen: Platinum Preppy EF – $5 [Accessories: Silicone Grease ($3) + O-Rings ($2)]

The Platinum Preppy is probably the finest nib available for the price at $5. Featuring a Japanese Extra-Fine nib, this pen will lay down less ink than most pens requiring even less refills. In addition to that, you can eyedropper convert it to expand the ink capacity to over 4ml of ink! Just need a little silicone grease and o-ring. Check out our Fountain Pen 101: Eyedropper video for more information!

Ink: Noodler’s 3oz Bottles – $12.50

Price per milliliter might mean nothing to you, but trust me, Noodler’s rocks it. 3oz of ink for under $13 is a great deal for the price conscious and features some of the most popular inks around like Apache Sunset, Noodler’s Black, or the Goulet-exclusive Liberty’s Elysium.

Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Dot Grid – $5.75

Round out the group with a notebook that’s perfect for quick notes. The Rhodia No. 16 notepad with dot grid paper is one of our favorite paper options. Each notepad features amazingly smooth 80 gsm paper and the dot grid ruling provides an alternative to traditional lines which is a favorite for graphic designers and artists.

Total: $28.25

What do you think? Can you build a better combination for under $30? We’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments below!

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team