New from Pineider, the La Grande Bellezza Forged Carbon is the latest unique design from Dante Del Vecchio. Traditional carbon fiber is fabric of thin fibers held together by a resin. It is lightweight and resistant but quite difficult to mold into a fountain pen body. Forged carbon forgoes weaving, making this pen truly unique. It’s formed in a heated press at high pressure, making the material reliably strong in every direction.

The forged carbon was designed in collaboration with Carbon Dream, a material manufacturer that has worked luxury and technology leaders like Ferrari, Formula 1, Bugatti, and many more. Ten engineers and technicians working with Carbon Dream have helped produce the mold and technology needed to create the forged carbon material.

The Pineider La Grande Bellezza Forged Carbon is a limited-edition fountain pen, limited to 888 pieces worldwide. It is joined by two other models that use the Mystery Filler filling mechanism: Black/Rose Gold and Demonstrator. The Mystery Filler features a proprietary mechanism exclusive to Pineider that allows the user to hide the activation button needed to utilize the piston filler.

Also featuring the flexible Quill nib, twist magnetic lock, and Goose Quill clip, the Forged Carbon is a marvel of design made entirely in Florence, Italy. MSRP for this fountain pen is $998. Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

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