When disaster strikes and you find yourself out of ink entirely, what can you do? In “Will It Write?”, we’re here to answer that question and see what else you could use to start writing! Drew (Customer Care Team Manager) and Micah (Receiving Specialist) will be your guides as we navigate the waters of potential fountain pen ink alternatives.

In our first episode, we’re exploring some of the more common liquids we’ve been asked about as potential inks: Tea, Coffee, and Red Wine. Both coffee and red wine bring a real rich tone that could work as a fountain pen color. There’s already inks named after both of these! Tea might be a bit trickier with its lighter look. Watch the video above to see how they held up!

What did you think of this new video series? Do you have any recommendations on what we should try writing with? Leave them in the comments below!

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team