It’s Halloween, and disaster strikes! You have no ink in your favorite fountain pen! How are you going to write down your scores for the Goulet costume contest? Have no fear, Drew and Micah are here. They are ready to put the most vile, creepy, and bizarre liquids to the test to get you writing again.

On this episode of “Will It Write”, the devilish duo have procured the following mysterious ingredients:

  • Monster Blood (fake blood)
  • Clown Tears (facepaint)
  • Alien Snot (glowstick guts)

Watch the video above to see how each of these fair in a TWSBI ECO and see if they could be a viable ink option in the most dire of situations!

Are you surprised by the results of these spooky materials? Have another “ink” recommendation for us to try? Leave a comment below!

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team