The perfect gift is hard to find, so we’ve gathered a few products made using skillful artistry and out of rare materials to help inspire your shopping list. These writing tools are ideal for anyone who is passionate about pens and is constantly on the lookout for their next rare find.

Visconti Medici IL Magnifico Serpentine

The mesmerizing body of the Visconti Medici IL Magnifico Serpentine is made from green solid Italian Levanto marble. This pen is inspired by the Italian Renaissance and will be a centerpiece of your collection with careful attention to detail and the use of precious materials.

Colorverse Standard Model

Created to celebrate particle physics, The Colorverse Standard Model is a collection of seventeen 15ml bottles of Colorverse fountain pen inks. All seventeen of these inks are unique to this set, so it’s perfect for anyone who is passionate about science.

Stipula Etruria Alter Ego

The Stipula Etruria Alter Ego is a large pen that’s hand-turned from solid rods of orange Italian celluloid. This material is more than 20 years old and will be one of the last pens ever offered with this particular celluloid. This pen will appeal to anyone who loves the rare and beautiful.

Namiki Seven Gods Set

Each of the Namiki Seven Gods Yukari is a work of art. These pens are handmade using Japanese techniques and truly show the artistic skills of the master craftsmen who created them. Created to celebrate Pilot’s 100th anniversary, each of these stunning pens celebrates a different god of good fortune.

Platinum The Prime

Made out of solid silver, Platinum’s “The Prime” is a shining pen that was made to celebrate Platinum’s 100th anniversary. The careful design of this pen is a great example of the high-quality precision you can expect from the Platinum brand.

Fountain Pens of the World/ Japan

For the ultimate collector, the most important pen is the next one. If the collector in your life needs some inspiration, Fountain Pens of the World and Fountain Pens of Japan are two books that they will appreciate. Featuring the most pens that have ever been featured in a book, these vibrant full-sized images will leave your favorite collector ready to hunt down their next pen.

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