In 2019, Visconti released two new Visconti Opera Master fountain pens, Turtle (no longer available) and Oceanic. These oversized pens feature an 18kt gold nib and Visconti’s double reservoir power filler. This unique filling system allows a massive ink capacity and safe usage during air flights. Similar in operation to vacuum-filling pens (such as the larger Visconti Homo Sapiens), the Opera Master fills with a 3.4ml ink capacity in the sealed ink reservoir. Unique to this design, there is a second reservoir in between the vacuum seal and the pen’s feed that holds about 0.6ml, the size of a typical standard international short cartridge. Effectively, what you end up with here is the ink equivalent of a standard international cartridge that you can use to write (without having to unscrew the filler knob like you do with most other vacuum-fillers), with the contents of an entire pack of cartridges (or the entire Visconti Traveling Inkwell!) in the back of your pen.

Oceanic is a beautiful blue swirling resin complemented by rose gold trim while Turtle is a translucent brown resin complemented by gold trim. Both are limited to 88 total pens, and each pen is numbered.

These new Opera Masters are available at for a limited time.

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