We’re very excited to announce our latest exclusive fountain pen opportunity, we’ve partnered with Monty Winnfield, a Colorado-based company specializing in rings and fine writing instruments. As of the date of publishing, this pen model is only available at Goulet Pens. We’re excited to introduce the pen called Highwater. Read on to learn more about the brand, the pens, and their historical connections.

Brand History

Jeremiah Hackett, the creator of Monty Winnfield (a name which he chose as an homage to his dogs), began his career in high end automotive and motorcycle machined parts, handcrafting them with meticulous attention to detail. This prepared him well for a shift to custom jewelry-making when he began offering a selection of stunning wedding rings on his website. He worked with a variety of metals and woods to craft stunning one-of-a-kind designs. While familiarizing himself with these materials and exploring their possibilities, Jeremiah identified an opportunity to further utilize his skills to craft fine writing instruments. This pivotal decision has lead us to this exciting announcement today.

Monty Winnfield Highwater Fountain Pen

You may think that Highwater is just a really neat sounding name for the pen model but the moniker also carries a historical meaning to the brand. The building that houses Monty Winnfield’s operation is in a historic area of the town, which was largely destroyed┬á by a massive flood of the Arkansas River in 1921. During the catastrophe, the building was submerged in 10-12 feet of water but stood strong to survive the test of time and nature. The name for the pen, Highwater, is derived from this story.

The Monty Winnfield Highwater fountain pens will be available in three great colors, Blue Topaz, Amethyst, and Linen. These names harken back to the creator’s history in jewelry making. The Blue Topaz and Amethyst designs are hand-turned from resin.

The Linen model features a Micarta body, created using a process in which resin is poured over or used to encase another material, such as linen or metal, to create a distinct design. The cap is fashioned from unidirectional carbon fiber. The titanium grip section of each pen features a unique brushed texture pattern that is distinct but subtle enough to not impact the writing experience. The design is completed with a custom titanium clip and a #6 JoWo steel nib engraved with the Monty Winnfield logo. Each pen comes elegantly packaged in a metal and wood gift box and includes a Standard International converter.

These elegant pens are inspired by the Japanese approach of Shibui. Shibusa balances subtle designs with luxurious elements to produce a look or experience that exudes “timeless tranquility.” These objects appear to be simple upon first glance but by closer inspection, it’s revealed that they offer some complexity in the form of textures or design elements that make it distinct. The purpose is that a shibui object continually encourages the user to find new meaning and complexity, thus continually increasing interest and value to the user over time.

To learn more about each of these gorgeous pens, be sure to check out the product pages on GouletPens.com.

What do you think? Will you be getting one?

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The Goulet Pens Team