** Update: As of February 2020, the Edison Nouveau Premiere Aquarius is now available! **

For six years now, we’ve been releasing a seasonal edition of our exclusive Edison Nouveau Premiere fountain pen. Some seasons even two colors, for a total of 26 so far. You can view all the past editions here.

This 27th will be our final seasonal edition of the Premiere.

However, don’t despair — special editions of the Edison Nouveau Premiere aren’t going away. We’re just making a decision to stop doing seasonal editions in large batches, in favor of more limited editions with unique materials.

A bit of a backstory here. For some time now, it has been getting more and more difficult to choose materials for these seasonal editions. We have to choose from a selection of in-stock materials in enough quantity to satisfy demand, in a material that works well with the Premiere profile, in a color and pattern that isn’t too similar than something we’ve already done before, that is appealing, that isn’t being used for another production line pen or another retailer exclusive, and also a material that is not too translucent because of the additional labor involved to polish inside & out (it wouldn’t stay the same price). Recently the Edison Pen Company has acquired new machines that will allow them to use a greater variety of materials, like Alumilite or the DiamondCast blanks that you may have seen from other suppliers. They’ve been experimenting and are ready to start using these for special limited runs.

So we’re choosing to pivot from the large-quantity seasonal regularity, and shift to a few launches per year of more interesting, limited materials. The price may vary depending on the material, but it will allow us to really do some cool things. We can also open it up to our new Ascent model and experiment with materials there, or other Edison models for that matter!

But…. we wanted to give the seasonal Premiere one last run.

So without further ado, here’s a sneak peek at the winter 2020 edition: Aquarius!

Edison Nouveau Premiere Aquarius

Edison Nouveau Premiere Aquarius

Edison Nouveau Premiere Aquarius

Edison Nouveau Premiere Aquarius

Aquarius will be available likely around mid-February. Sign up for the email notification list on the product page so that you’ll be the first to know when it arrives.

What do you think of our final seasonal Premiere color? What types of colors/patterns/models would you like to see in future limited editions?

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Rachel Goulet