Last week, we gave you our list of hottest pens of 2019, this week? We’re tackling inks! We wanted to highlight some of the most exciting ones that came out in the last year. “Collections” seemed to be the theme as not a lot of individual inks stood out, rather entire series or lines of ink.

Here’s our list, sorted chronologically based on when they launched throughout the year:

LAMY Crystal inks

Launching here in the US in early 2019, the LAMY Crystal inks were a whole new line from LAMY with some real standout colors. Azurite was by far the most popular as it reminded a few of their past special edition Dark Lilac ink. Overall, with strong saturated colors and attractive packaging, the Crystal inks were a big hit.

Pilot Iroshizuku 100th Anniversary Ink Set

Designed to complement their 7 Gods of Good Fortune pens, Pilot released 7 special new colors of Iroshizuku ink, all packaged together in one set. Each mini boxed set comes with seven 15ml bottles. Each individual ink was also available in a 50ml bottle as well.

Jacques Herbin Exclusive Line

Exclusive to Goulet Pens in the US, Jacques Herbin expanded their ink offerings in 2019 with 14 new colors. Of the group, the four scented inks really drew attention of the fountain pen community offering perfume quality scented ink. Making a full circle, Herbin was actually the first ink brand we carried back in 2009.

Noodler’s Tokyo Gift

Debuting at the DC Pen Show in August, Noodler’s released Tokyo Gift. A gorgeous red-pink with a cool story behind it. The ‘Tokyo Gift’ was the cherry blossom trees in 1912 from the mayor of Tokyo to DC. Nathan Tardif always brings a deeper meaning to his inks and this one was no different.

Monteverde DC Supershow Teal

Also launching at the DC Pen Show, Monteverde DC Supershow Teal was a very popular option for us in 2019. Nice saturation, great shading, and an affordable price helped this ink get into the hands of many ink fans!

Monteverde Sweet Life inks

Despite being named after desserts, the Monteverde Sweet Life collection was not scented! This 10 ink set offers a wide variety of saturated colors with Blue Velvet Cake and Pumpkin Cake being a few of the most popular options.

Diamine InkVent Calendar

Dethroning Organics Studio Nitrogen as the best selling ink product of the year, the Diamine InkVent Calendar was a truly awesome and unique product that was super popular. Ink advent was always something we wanted to do, but logistically was tough, so we were very excited when we saw Diamine had created it! Consisting of 24 mini-bottles and 1 regular sized, it was a lot of fun seeing each person reveal the days’ ink as December went along.

TWSBI 1791 ink

Most recent on the list, but a milestone launch for a very popular brand. TWSBI released the 1791 collection, their first line of inks, in the holiday season. The famous Chinese book, “The Dreams of the Red Chamber”, released in 1791 gave inspiration for each ink. Conservative colors, but really cool to see a pen manufacturer get into the ink game.

Did you have a favorite ink release in 2019? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team