In October of 2019, Brian and Drew had the opportunity to tour the Aurora Pens‘ factory in Torino, Italy. Aurora celebrated their 100th anniversary last year and has been a staple in the fountain pen world throughout their history creating unique pen models made with in-house manufacturing.

On this trip, they were granted complete access as they toured the facility, museum, and factory. Get a closer look at Aurora’s commitment to writing with an amazing museum that celebrates not just Aurora but writing instruments throughout the last century. See what goes into the design process for their amazing pens and how the pens are assembled with our latest factory tour video.

Aurora History (0:06)
Writing Museum (0:54)
Design Process (1:49)
Pen Assembly (2:23)
Nib Manufacturing (3:29)
Ebonite Feeds (3:58)
Quality Control (4:51)

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Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team