Visconti recently released a new collection of Rembrandt pens and they offer something really unique! The Eco-Logic collection is made of bio-plastic from hemp plants. This is a non-polluting material that is still very durable so you can feel confident carrying your pen around with you. The material comes from the stem of the plant which provides cellulose. The cellulose is then processed into a strong and flexible plastic creating a bio-plastic resulting in a low environmental impact.

The Eco-Logic Rembrandt still comes with the features known and loved in other Rembrandt pens including a magnetic closing system, the “My Pen System”, and a steel Bock nib. Currently, the Eco-Collection is available with fine or medium nibs and comes in Blue, Black, and Red.

In the hand, the pen is a bit front-weighted due to the metal grip and slightly lighter resin body. When posted, the pen is quite well-balanced. The cellulosic material actually feels quite good to the touch. It’s slightly matte, so it’s not going to show shiny finger prints and hand oils quite as much as a shiny resin pen might. The texture of the resin body is very pleasing to the touch, it almost has a soft feeling to it, even though it’s a rigid and durable material.

You can see the full Rembrandt line from Visconti on 

What do you think of this new material?

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