The most affordable way to get Pineider’s soft Quill nib is the new Avatar UR Deluxe! This collection was designed by Dante Del Vecchio and is made of UltraResin. This material is very stiff and incredibly resistant to almost anything making it virtually unbreakable. UltraResin is also resistant to oils, inks, electricity, high and low temperatures, UV rays, and to any weathering condition. Another design feature that sets this pen apart is the Glueless technology that’s used. Thanks to 3D engineering and high precision manufacturing, the Avatar is assembled without using a single drop of glue.

This Avatar is available in seven regular edition colors and one special edition color. The regular colors include Abalone Green, Angel Skin, Forest, Riace Bronze, Devil Red, Neptune Blue and Graphene Black. The Sky Blue Demo is the special edition color only pictured below, available at Goulet Pens very soon.

Pineider Avatar Sky Blue Demo Fountain Pen

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