The Endura is back, this time in our exclusive limited run Verawood material! Made of real wood, it is complemented by gunmetal accents and a black JoWo #6 steel nib. It is outfitted with a smooth-writing #6 JoWo black steel nib, and comes with both a standard international converter and cartridge. The cap screws to open/close and pushes to post.

Each Conklin Endura comes in a gift box with two standard international short ink cartridges (1 blue and 1 black), a standard international converter, and is warrantied for life by Conklin’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The Conklin Endura Fountain Pen - Verawood

Weight 18.0 grams/.63 oz
Capped Length 59.4mm/2.34”
Posted Length to Nib Tip 22.2mm/0.87”
Body Length to Nib Tip 120.8mm/4.76in
Body Diameter 13.8mm/0.54″
Cap Diameter without Clip 15.8mm/0.62″
Cap Diameter with Clip 20.7mm/0.81in”
Max Ink Capacity – Cartridge 1.10ml
Max Ink Capacity – Converter 1.15ml

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Will you add the Conklin Endura Verawood to your collection?

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