Penlux Masterpiece Grande Fountain Pens

We’re excited to announce that PenLux is now available at Goulet Pens! These pens are made in Taiwan, and created with top quality materials including beautiful resins and original piston fillers. The collection we’re now carrying is the Penlux Masterpiece Grande that comes in several different patterns and colors: Black, Blue Swirl, Daybreak, Cloudy Bay, Deep Sea, Koi Black & White, Koi Blue & White, and Rainforest.

They are designed as an oversized fountain pen complemented with smooth-writing #6 German-made JoWo steel nibs. The clip features a roller for ease of use. The cap screws onto the barrel for closing, and pushes to post onto the back when writing (see below).

Penlux Masterpiece Grande Fountain Pen - Daybreak

Masterpiece Grande – Daybreak

The Masterpiece Grande fills via internal piston mechanism for use with bottled fountain pen ink.

Penlux Masterpiece Grande - Cloudy Bay

Masterpiece Grande – Cloudy Bay

The nib options on the Penlux Masterpiece Grande are Fine, Medium, and a 1.1mm Stub.

Masterpiece Grande – Koi Black & White

What questions do you have about this new brand and collection?

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