Conklin All American Golden Walnut with Rose Gold or Gunmetal Trim

We are excited to introduce the The Conklin All American Limited Edition pen in three new wood options: Golden Walnut/Rose Gold, Golden Walnut/Gunmetal and Ebony Wood (Goulet-exclusive). The Conklin All American is impressively large in size, yet not so big as to be uncomfortable in the hand. This collection brings a vibrant, contemporary style to a classic, oversize streamlined design. The screw cap and barrel are carefully tapered to provide a nice balance. The trademark Rocker Clip allows users to easily secure the pen to a shirt or coat pocket. These pens come with a threaded, standard international converter and also use reliable short standard international cartridges.

Conklin All American Golden Walnut Rose Gold

All American Golden Walnut/Rose Gold

You have the choice of a reliable, smooth-writing German made JoWo #6 black steel nib in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, or 1.1mm stub, or the Omniflex flexible black steel nib for variation in line width.

All American Golden Walnut/Gunmetal

All American Golden Walnut/Gunmetal

The Golden Walnut/Rose Gold and Golden Walnut/Gunmetal pen are individually numbered out of 1898 worldwide. The All American Ebony Wood is individually numbered out of 398 total.

All American Ebony Wood

All American – Ebony Wood

The Conklin Pen Company was established in 1898 and is still regarded as one of the most significant and innovative manufacturers from what is today known as the Golden Era of fountain pens.

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