Edison Menlo Fountain Pen

Edison Menlo – Sweet Honey, Fingerpaints, and Blue Grotto

The previous Menlo pen (Signature Line) was designed with a Draw Filler, and was a very popular choice with fountain pen fans and enthusiasts. This inspired the Edison Pen Company in late June 2020 to release a re-engineered Menlo pen featuring a Converter Filler. They added the new pens to the Production Line. We are excited to carry these and have them available in three beautifully crafted materials: Sweet Honey, Blue Grotto, and Fingerpaints.

Edison Menlo – Sweet Honey

The Sweet Honey pen is made of a swirly golden amber resin.  This never used before material comes from the same supplier as the Edison Collier – Rock Candy pen, so it has that nice “near-celluloid” feel. The Sweet Honey is accented with a gold-plated clip and centerband, and a #6 two-tone steel nib engraved with the Edison logo.

Menlo in Sweet Honey Acrylic

Sweet Honey: Swirly Golden Amber Resin with Gold-Plated Clip and Centerband (above), and a #6 Two-Tone Steel Nib Engraved with Edison logo (below).

Edison Menlo Sweet Honey Two-Toned Steel Nib

Edison Menlo – Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto pen is made of a swirly turquoise and black resin (the same never used before material as the Sweet Honey), with a silver clip and centerband. The silver finish sets the Blue Grotto apart from the golden touches of Sweet Honey.

Menlo in Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto: swirly turquoise and black resin, with silver clip and centerband (above) and a #6 polished steel nib engraved with Edison logo (below).

Edison Menlo – Fingerpaints

The Fingerpaints pen is made of a swirly rainbow resin. The material is the same as the Edison Menlo – Pearlette, and was re-used because of its popularity. It features the same silver finish as the Blue Grotto and the polished engraved steel nib.

Menlo in Fingerpaints

Fingerpaints: swirly rainbow resin, with silver clip and centerband (above) and a #6 polished steel nib engraved with Edison logo (below).

Edison Menlo - Fingerpaints

Each pen accepts a standard international converter (included) or short standard international cartridges, or can be converted to eyedropper fill. Click here to shop all compatible short standard international ink cartridges.

Weight 18.5 grams/.652 oz
Capped Length 143mm/5.620”
Posted Length to Nib Tip 165mm / 6.490”
Body Length to Nib Tip 128mm / 5.030”
Body Diameter 13.1mm / .515”
Cap Diameter 14.4mm / .560”
Section Diameter at Narrowest 9.6mm / .38”
Section Length 17.1mm / .670”

All Edison pens are handmade in Milan, Ohio by Brian Gray.

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