Pineider Back to the Future Fountain Pen

Pineider’s Back to the Future Limited Edition is more than just a pen, it is a journey into the past, capturing the the significance of Pineider’s history that began in 1774 and was reborn after WWII in 1949. The inspiration for design was drawn from the quill, an ancient writing tool, made out of bamboo cane, that has allowed mankind to hand down knowledge, wisdom and his own history generation after generation. The pen also captures the glamour of Italy in 1949, when it became the go-to destination for Hollywood movie stars, artists, politicians and scientists, in other words the ‘crème de la crème’ of the international jet set. The pens are beautifully presented in a book published by Pineider in 1949 – a book that captures the glitz and glamour of the times.

The clip, a further variant of the goose-feather quill, has a technical sophistication for its design motif and the mechanism is miniaturized and concealed in its interior.

The cap and barrel are in carboiridium, a carbographite cane with a special finish in spiralled carboiridium lending it a moiré effect whenever it is exposed to direct light.

Pineider Back to the Future Fountain Pen

The fountain pen has a soft 14kt gold nib that is endowed with excellent memory. The designers sought to achieve a flexible nib for writing rather than a nib for calligraphy, which performs in a somewhat different manner.

Dante Del Vecchio is the amazing designer behind this limited edition pen; 949 fountain pens or roller pens with a single world numbering system.

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