The Pineider Full Metal Jacket Fountain Pens

The 2020 Edition of La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty) – Full Metal Jacket

The Pineider La Grande Bellezza fountain pen is back with a new collection: Full Metal Jacket! Dante del Vecchio, Pineider’s top pen maker, created a metallic variant of Ultra Resin (UR) dubbed “Full Metal Jacket”, both as a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s memorable film and because it alludes to the metallic effect of the pen’s surface. Each version is available in six new virtually unbreakable UR metallic colors: three solid and three marbled (pictured below).

Choose from six colors: Coal Grey, Ash Grey, Midnight Black Steel, Army Red, Sugar Paper, and Lightning Blue.

Each fountain pen features a quill-shaped clip, and Pineider’s “soft touch magnetic lock” cap system. And, now at a lower price than ever before in two versions: a cartridge/converter with a steel nib, and a piston filler with a 14kt soft gold nib.

The Pineider Full Metal Jacket - Army Red (14kt Piston)

The Pineider Full Metal Jacket – Army Red (14kt Piston)

You can also take advantage of the Pineider Pen Filler for easy filling and transporting ink on the go, as well as a new Easy Filler tool which attaches to the piston knob to make it easier to turn.

Lighting Blue (Steel C/C) with Easy Filler tool

Diameter – Body
Diameter – Cap (without clip) 15.5mm/0.61in
Diameter – Cap (with clip) 18.3mm/0.72in
Diameter – Grip 10.3mm/0.41in
Length – Body 134.3mm/5.29in
Length – Cap 66.8mm/2.63in
Length – Nib 23.0mm/0.91in
Weight – Body 16.0g/0.56oz
Weight – Cap 15.0g/0.53oz
Weight – Overall 31.0g/1.09oz
Max Ink Capacity – Piston Vac 1.52ml

Do you find beauty in the new Pineider Full Metal Jacket collection?

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