Welcome to episode 4 of The Goulet Pencast! In this episode, Brian and Drew share some of your feedback, answer your questions, cover some fun new products and create their ideal FRANKEN-PENS!

0:00 Introduction
1:05 Listener Feedback
14:07 New Stuff
27:04 Question 1 – Are elastic pen loops harmful for pens?
32:45 Question 2 – How to fountain pens work on rag paper?
37:55 Question 3 – Why are brown pens and ink not popular?
44:12 Question 4 – What’s the next big thing for Goulet Pens?
46:34 Question 5 – Should Drew grow a mustache, or should John Lane shave?
49:27 Question 6 – Are there fountain pens made from sustainable material?
51:50 Question 7 – Why are gold stub nibs rare?
55:35 Question 8 – How do you clean a fountain pen and keep ink in the converter?
59:15 Question 9 – How do you clean shimmer fallout without removing the feed?
1:01:30 Hypothetical with Drew
1:07:15 Franken-pen!
1:17:48 What’s Happening?
1:21:31 Compnay Updates
1:23:42 Closing comments

Noodler’s Boston Safety Pen
Visconti Rembrandt Eco-Logic
TWSBI Eco Lilac
Diplomat Aero Stripes Black
Monteverde Regatta Sport Full Abalone
Edison Premiere Ecto Purple
Rickshaw Pen Cases
BENU Talisman Pens
Pineider Alchemist
Girologio Pen Cases
Original Crown Mill Pure Cotton Paper

Write on,
Brian & Drew