Welcome to episode 6 of The Goulet Pencast! In this economy-sized episode, Brian and Drew share some of your feedback, answer your questions, cover some fun new products and share some hilarious details from when they knew each other in elementary school!


0:00 Opening

0:55 Feedback


0:15:36 Q&A

0:16:56 How do you meet other fountain pen-inclined people?

0:24:53 How do you motivate yourself to clean your pens?

0:32:13 How was fountain pen-friendly paper made without modern processes?

0:55:08 Is there one version of a candy/pen you hate but another version you love?

0:59:36 How long have you guys known each other and why do you have great chemistry?

1:07:59 How has your perception of fountain pens changed over the years?

1:15:47 What are the best ways for getting ink out of caps?

1:17:25 What is your favorite fountain pen accessory?

1:18:43 Hypo-theti-CALLLLL

1:26:29 HOT TAKE

1:30:36 What’s Happening?

1:40:58 Compnay Updates

1:47:07 OUTRO


Pilot Custom 74 Grenadine

Edison Ascent – Seaglass

Sailor 1911S – Trinity

Retro 51 Gnome Sweet Gnome

Bulb Syringe

Write on,
Brian & Drew