As you can imagine, talking about fountain pens happens quite a bit around the Goulet Pens office. We all get excited about new inks, flexible nibs and the latest hack someone has discovered. I have lots of conversations with family, friends, and even strangers, where I get asked about my job. I’m a fountain pen enthusiast, so I get excited to share my love of fountain pens with others! But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when introducing others to the idea of fountain pens.

Recently we’ve been asked this question by our customers, “What’s the best way to introduce others to fountain pens?” It got us thinking, so we decided to ask the same question on our Facebook page to learn how you all introduce friends and family to fountain pens. Many of our fountain pen fans chimed in with their ideas – thank you! I read through all of your tips, and came up with 5 things to keep in mind when introducing others to fountain pens.


1. Maybe it’s best to start with a rollerball.

You want to introduce people to fountains pens, so why start with a rollerball? For some people, the thought of writing with a fountain pen feels foreign or antiquated. Try introducing them to a rollerball first! This could be the gateway to the enhanced writing experience that just might get them to try a fountain pen. Take a tip from an expert – our very own Brian Goulet started with rollerballs!


2. Share with people what it is that you like about fountain pens. Have some reasons in mind!

If I tell someone that I write with a fountain pen, chances are people follow up asking me why. Let people know what caused you to get interested in and continue using fountain pens. I usually share that I enjoy the different nib options, the increased ease in writing, and the hundreds of ink choices available!


3. Let them try one! 

You don’t have to hand over your Pilot Falcon or your Lamy 2000, but help them understand how a fountain pen works. Do you remember the first time you wrote with a fountain pen? Hopefully that experience encouraged you to learn more, and this will have the same impact on others.


4. Embrace conversations with people who notice your pen.

Maybe you’re using your fountain pen at the office or while sitting at your favorite coffee shop on a Saturday morning. Most people don’t see fountain pens that often, so if someone notices your pen, strike up a conversation! You might discover another enthusiast or introduce someone to your hobby.


 5. If you feel comfortable, gift them their first fountain pen! 

Many of my close friends have recently received a Platinum Preppy or a Pilot Varsity from me! (Another favorite gift of mine to give is the Pilot Metropolitan.) These are great low investment gifts to help introduce friends to writing with a fountain pen. Trust me, getting to be a part of someone owning their first fountain pen is pretty cool. I often get text messages when friends have used their pen to write or sign something important to them, and I got to be a part of that!

There you have it! Have you introduced a friend to fountain pens?

What tip would you add to this list? I’d love to know your thoughts, so be sure to leave a comment below.

Write on,