Have you ever agonized over which pens to take on a trip with you? It can be hard to think through all the possible scenarios you’ll encounter when away from home and the comfort of your entire pen collection. Fret not! In this video and blog, we’ll give you some great options so you can carry a pen that you’re confident will keep up with you and your adventures, wherever they may be!

TWSBI Vac Mini

This small-statured pen has a huge ink capacity, 1.98ml! You can write away the hours of a long plane trip and still have ink to spare. The stainless steel nib is smooth writing and trouble-free. Bonus: This pen has a valve you can seal off to avoid ink burping while in transit or during altitude changes.


Kaweco Liliput

Space is at a premium if you plan to set out on a backpacking trip. The Kaweco Liliput is the pen for the job. It measures in at less than 4 inches long when closed, but becomes a comfortable length for writing when posted. You can keep your travel log and trail diary updated with ease! Choose from a variety of Kaweco ink cartridge colors for easy, mess-free filling.  Available in your choice of hand-torched Fireblue or raw Copper finishes.


Traveler’s Brass Pen

You can’t find a better pen than the Traveler’s Brass Pen for notes and sketching while sightseeing. You can add a lanyard through the loop at the top of the cap to keep your pen within easy reach. Or pair it with a Traveler’s Company journal for a delightful travel duo. The rugged brass construction is super durable and stands up to the demands of a busy travel itinerary.


Pilot Prera

Whether you’re hitting the beach or cruising the boardwalk, the Pilot Prera is the pen you want in your beach bag! This demonstrator is the clear choice for a day of writing while the waves roll in. The transparent body keeps ink levels visible and the snap cap is perfect for one-handed removal, ideal in case the wind kicks up and you need to save something from blowing away!


Platinum Procyon

It helps to have a pen that’s always ready to write no matter when you get back to your hotel room. When you’re set to unwind and recount your day, rest assured the seal inside of the Platinum Procyon cap keeps the nib wet and ready to write. This pen is also quite comfortable and has a smooth flowing nib so whether you write a few short sentences or a few long pages, you’ll never feel fatigued with this bright and beautiful pen.


Thanks for checking out our list. We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your next trip and found a new travel comPENion!

What pens do you take when you travel? Share your favorites in the comments below!

Write On,

The Goulet Pen Company Team