Every pen collection needs at least one piece that can stop someone in their tracks and make them strike up a conversation and we have no shortage of pens that fit the bill on the GouletPens.com. We felt that these gorgeous pens deserve their own spotlight. Below, you will find our picks for 7 Showstopping Fountain Pens You Need to See!


Platinum Kanazawa Leaf Maki-e Pens

The Platinum Kanazawa pens are an underappreciated gem in the beautiful showstopper pen category. These slender resin pens feature delicate designs in the traditional maki-e style, a smooth writing 18kt gold nib, and a price point below $200. Each of the 5 available designs is created using Kanazawa gold leaf and other gorgeous materials, giving the pen an appeal to both writing and art enthusiasts. Give your eyes a treat and take a peek at this gorgeous line of pens, including Red Mt. Fuji, Swirling Petals of Cherry Blossoms (shown above), The Moon and a RabbitGoldfish, and Changing Autumn Leaves.

Jinhao 999 Dragon

These attention-grabbing pens are light on price but heavy in weight and impact. Jinhao certainly has their share of unique pens (Shell pens and shark pens, anyone?) but these Jinhao 999 Dragon pens are definitely the most splendid. Two dragons, eyes ablaze, face off on the body of this pen. The impressive 99g weight of this pen seems to suggest the gravity and intensity of this impending battle of mythological Titans. This pen is not to be missed. At The Goulet Pen Company, we offer two models, the Black and Gold/Red, both under $30.


The Namiki pens are, by far, the most intricate, ornate pens we carry at Goulet Pens. There is a great deal of intention in the artwork that is showcased on these pens. Each pen is handcrafted by artists in Japan and can take months to complete. These pens are inlaid with precious materials like quail eggs, raden, and gold dust. you can learn more about the process in our video with John Lane of Pilot/ Namiki. They are truly works of art and worthy of the title “grail pen.” We are proud to carry multiple Namiki models at The Goulet Pen Company, including the Emporer, Yukari, and Nippon Art.


BENU pens

If we had to name one brand that has the flashiest pens, it would definitely be BENU! Whether its sparkles, glow-in-the-dark elements, or color shifting paints, you can bet BENU probably has a pen that will fulfill your dreams. Their pens are equally good performers as they are visually striking. Ranging in price from $74 to $120, each pen is equipped with a smooth writing Schmidt nib. Keep your eyes peeled, as well, for Goulet Pens-Exclusive Special Editions like the Hexagon-Titan.


Monteverde Rodeo Drive Polaris

The alluring appeal of the Monteverde Rodeo Drive Polaris comes from the mesmerizing iridescent blue-to-purple lacquered finish. Complemented by all black accents, this pen is a knock-out beauty. Imagine using this one in a meeting or at the grocery store, you’d definitely draw some questions for curious passers-by who can’t help but notice this pen’s paint job. With a price point well below $75, this dreamy pen can easily become a reality.

Pineider La Grande Bellezza Honeycomb

Dante Del Vecchio brings a genius design to the Pineider LGB Honeycomb! Featuring hexagonal cutouts, you get a close look at the inner workings of this fountain pen. Each pen comes with the ‘soft touch magnetic lock’ capping system and includes the Pineider quill nib to deliver a ‘hyperflex’ writing experience. The Honeycomb comes in 2 color options including the Black Prince pictured above.

Visconti Opera Master Luna

The Goulet Pen Company is the only place you can find the drop-dead gorgeous, glittery Visconti Opera Master Luna. This “Goulet Blue” resin pen is infused with stunning silver sparkles that leap off the body of this pen. It is outfitted with a 23kt palladium Dreamtouch nib and Visconti’s patented double reservoir power filler system. This glittering star is limited to only 188 total fountain pens, each individually numbered. Each pen comes with a FREE Visconti Dreamtouch Leather 2-Pen Case as well as a FREE Visconti Traveling Inkwell. It can be yours for $795.

There are many, many more gorgeous pens out there in the world. We didn’t have to room to include all of them in this blog, but we’d love to hear your choices for ones that also should have made the list. Leave your picks in the comments below.

You can see our full list of showstopper pens featured in this shopping guide on The Goulet Pen Company site.

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