You’ve got a little crush. But your crush has a little crush on the newest TWSBI or LAMY fountain pen.  If you find yourself dating a fountain pen addict you may be immersed in a strange new world. Not only is there a new vernacular, but this person seems to be obsessed with a writing instrument, ink, even the paper to write on! This journey will come with a lot of love letters, but those may be coupled with some unusual habits. Here are a few things to help guide you along the way.

  • Those syringes aren’t what you think

See a couple of dirty syringes lying around? They are a legitimate way to fill a fountain pen, not an undercover drug problem.

  • You caught your date red handed? Don’t worry, he or she (probably) isn’t a murderer.

Ink has a tendency to get on hands. And faces. Sometimes also pets and friends. Embrace this as an endearing quality. Whisper to your friends, “Oh, that? Well (s)he’s a writer.”

  • Nib Creep — it’s not some creepy guy named Nib

Is nib creep causing your love distress? Don’t put on your ninja costume and get ready for a rumble quite yet… it’s a totally normal phenomenon of ink leaking and pooling on the pen nib.

  • That smell? It’s seriously coming from the Noodler’s pen

Yeah, these have a distinct smell. Something along the lines of baby diapers and old chili. Don’t worry though! The smell fades… eventually.

  • No, they aren’t obsessed with real Baby’s Bottoms 

Hearing this phrase thrown around casually may make you pause, but rest assured, it is a real term for describing a certain type of flawed nib. A little micro-mesh can solve this problem and stop the phrase from ruining your dinner.

  • Want to know a bit about their hobby? Expect an earful!

Most fountain pen addicts don’t get a lot of time to talk about their favorite hobby. While online forums have changed that for the better, a real life conversation can be really enthralling (to them). If you want to know about the specifics of the pen they are signing the credit card receipt with, be prepared to learn a bit more than you bargained for.

  • Yes, that new pen is essential

They spent how much on that pen!?! When you don’t understand the hobby or the nuances of a gold nib vs a steel one, the price tags associated with some fountain pens can be surprising.  Like any hobby, there is a bit of an investment. Dancers spend a lot on shoes, golfers need great clubs, and tools for that wood working hobby can add up. Their hobby adds value to their life, even if you don’t understand it.

Some other things to consider — your fountain pen fanatic will also be romantic, nostalgic, and at the same time practical and creative. Keep that in mind the next time you get hear about the latest LAMY release or get a whiff of that Noodler’s pen.

Write on,