Over the last several years, Italian pen maker, Aurora, has released pens in their Aurora 88 Stellar collection, inspired by the splendor of the planets. The 88 is their flagship pen model that features an 18kt gold nib and Aurora’s Hidden Reservoir piston filling mechanism with a built in ink reserve so you won’t run out of ink when you might need it most! These pens are made entirely in Torino, Italy. Take a look at how Aurora pens are made in this behind-the-scenes tour of their factory.


Aurora 88 Terra

Venere (no longer available)


Giove (no longer available)

Mercurio (No longer available) 

Nettuno (No longer available) 

Saturno (No longer available) 

Urano (No longer available) 

Marte (No longer available) 

Nebulosa (No longer available) 

Sole (No longer available) 

Which release has been your favorite?

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