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JoWo OmniFlex Nib Introduction

https://youtu.be/yboHUNJsK0E   In early 2018, the OmniFlex nib was first introduced on brands like Conklin and Monteverde. This is a stainless steel #6 size nib with a distinct shape and design to allow for increased softness, flexibility in the tines, and variation in line width based on your writing pressure. After going through iterative changes for the first several years and looking to increase their supply and quality of these nibs, the parent company Yafa embarked on a lengthy process involving significant investment of time and resources to get their nibs manufactured by the German nib company JoWo. JoWo [...]

Goulet Q&A Episode 283: Best Pens to Dismantle, Rose Gold Ink, and Prepping for Long-Term Storage

In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about pens he loves to dismantle, rose gold ink, and how to have strong relationship between a retailer and pen manufacturer. Enjoy! Pens/Writing 1) amberschmidt22- Instagram (1:08) How should you prep your pens for long term storage? Should you disassemble them? it's pretty simple, really, just clean them and ideally make sure they're dry dismantling them is not ideal, it just means you could lose parts, mix them up, damage them, get dust/etc in them, just keep them together if you mean disassembling for cleaning, like doing a really thorough cleaning? That's not [...]

2020-02-21T08:34:27-05:00February 21st, 2020|Goulet Q&A|0 Comments

Goulet Q&A Episode 282: Brian’s Favorite Stealth Pens, and New Products Leaks

 In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about his favorite stealth pens, which pens he gives to people, and what he really thinks about people who leak product releases ahead of time. Enjoy! Pens/Writing @PamelaPKelly- Twitter (2:02) When were "official" music nibs invented? Are they still manufactured for the purpose of composers notating a music score by hand? That is my preferred method (though my also-musician husband wrote his own music notation software program!). Any best nib options? Thanks! sadly I don't know when exactly they were invented, but they were on dip nibs before fountain pens were even [...]

2020-01-31T10:03:29-05:00January 31st, 2020|Goulet Q&A|0 Comments

Goulet Q&A Episode 281: Which Fountain Pens Stain, and the Best Pens to Come in 2020

 In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about if all demonstrator pens are doomed to be stained, best ways to incorporate fountain pens into your daily life, and the best pens to come in 2020. Enjoy! Pens/Writing 1) voltronsleftfoot- Instagram (0:50) Is reusing pen flush ok? Yes! That's actually part of why we provide the little vial If you have an ink you know shouldn't be mixed with others (like Noodler's Baystate) then you shouldn't reuse otherwise, reuse to your heart's content 2) mohitdongar- Instagram (4:51) Which pens are you expecting to be a hit in 2020? This is [...]

2020-01-24T14:24:02-05:00January 24th, 2020|Goulet Q&A|0 Comments

Goulet Q&A Episode 280: Pen Brand Relationships and Where Free Ink Really Comes From

 In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about pen brand relationships, if broads are more troublesome than fines, and where "free ink" comes from. Enjoy! This week: Amazing weather, lots of kid time CRAZY week for us, vendor visits, lots of year end reporting and annual planning, January we just live in spreadsheets Not launching a whole ton right now Maiora Impronte, Aurora Hastil, Edison Collier Rock Candy TWSBI Eco White/RoseGold in the wings Thursday Jan 23 is National Handwriting Day, so let's all enjoy writing with some pens and sharing about it in real life and on social [...]

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Goulet Q&A Episode 279: Brian’s Favorite Discontinued Pens, and the Most Polarizing Products

In the first Goulet Q&A episode of 2020, Brian talks about what will happen after he tries every single pen and ink we carry, his favorite discontinued pens, and the most polarizing products we sell. Enjoy! The last few weeks: Christmas, New Years, Goulet fam took a break and it was great New Years resolution, I haven't set on anything specific, still carrying over mine from last year of rekindling my woodworking passion, very much driving towards that more Monteverde and Conklin JoWo nibs arrived, so we're finally restocking some long overdue pens (with free ink), Drew and I talked [...]

2020-01-10T09:54:40-05:00January 10th, 2020|Goulet Q&A|0 Comments

Goulet Q&A 278: High End Pen QC, TWSBI ECO vs 580, and Pens for Small Hands

 In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about QC on high-end pens, TWSBI ECO vs. 580, and great pens for small hands. Enjoy! This week: Choir concert, whole family Some leadership strategic planning for end of year, always important and busy Last push for holiday delivery, we've reached basically all our holiday deadlines now I'll be taking off Q&A for two weeks, spending time with family No Write Now next week, so videos publishing will be a little lighter We do have some 2019 pen and ink roundup videos in the works, so expect those in a couple of [...]

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Goulet Q&A Episode 277: Aluminum Nibs, Blindfolded Pen Testing, and Parting Ways with Brands

 In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about aluminum nibs, blindfolded pen tests, and how we part ways with brands. Enjoy! This week: Good family time, board games, bowling party, Christmas play, Frozen 2 Full swing of holidays, our busiest time of year at work and home Christmas choir concert this weekend, lots of practice Platinum Prefounte Van Gogh Orchard in Blossoms Visconti Opera Master Turtle and Oceanic Pelikan m200 gold marbled Diplomat Excellence Waves Santa Jaws stickers Coming soon: TWSBI 70ml ink TWSBI Eco-T Mint Blue ST DuPont, Line D, Paris with Love Montegrappa Elmo in Marshmallow Montegrappa [...]

2019-12-13T10:41:32-05:00December 13th, 2019|Goulet Q&A|0 Comments

Goulet Q&A Episode 276: Setting Up A New Fountain Pen and Defining Exactly What Makes Nibs Scratchy

In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about what he does with my fountain pens the most, step 1 when getting a new pen, and how we can objectively state which nibs are smooth or scratchy. Enjoy! This week: Thanksgiving Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Weekend, etc Write Nows this week with new product roundup on Monday, Goulet Grab Bag on wed, lots of fun Let's jump right into it! Pens/Writing 1) christian.prentice93- Instagram (4:21) What is the thing you do most with your fountain pens? Do you have a favorite activity involving your pens? (Journaling, Calligraphy, etc.) With most of MY pens? [...]

2019-12-06T09:23:42-05:00December 6th, 2019|Goulet Q&A|0 Comments

Goulet Q&A Episode 275: Grail Pen Goals, Discontinued Ink Swabs, and Tattooing with Pen Ink

 In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about grail pen goals, discontinued inks in the Swab Shop, and tattooing with fountain pen ink. This week: John Lane visit Montegrappa Miya 450 Stipula Tocco Ferro Deluxe Colorverse Season 6 Edison Ascent Santa Jaws Estie Lilac LE Pineider Arman Pelikan m800 Brown-Black Pelikan Maki-e Umbrella Herbert Libby Sunrise Pens/Writing 1) henry.slocombe- Instagram (9:54) Do you think investing in my grail pen (Homo Sapiens) before a mid level pen is ok? that's totally up to you, based on your funds and level of interest I personally had to work my way up over [...]

2019-11-22T09:42:09-05:00November 22nd, 2019|Goulet Q&A|0 Comments
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